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Marc Handler - "Astro Boy"/「アストロボーイ・鉄腕アトム」 (2003) Interview

An interview with Marc Handler — perhaps best known for his work on anime (both “uncut” and “Westernized”) such as Voltron (Golion), Saber Rider (Bismark), Cowboy Bebop, FLCL and many others — on how he became involved with the 2003 adaptation of Astro Boy. 10,002 more words


"I was made ready!"

AstroBoy Reboot

A trailer has been released for A new adaption of AstroBoy.

This new adaption of the 1950’s character is a collaboration from Japan’s… 106 more words


Live-Action 'Astro Boy'

The widening gap between small-budget and blockbuster films is showing no signs of slowing, meaning film studios everywhere are looking to capitalize on their most nostalgia-inducing properties – and if they happen to be superheroes, their chances of a hit are even higher. 447 more words


Live Action Astro Boy in Development

Today, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Australia’s Animal Logic Entertainment has partnered with Japan’s Tezuka Productions to start working on a a live action adaptation of  75 more words


Shibuya, Tezuka, Caribara Reboot ‘Astro Boy’

ANNECY – Monaco-based Shibuya Productions, Japan’s Tezuka Productions and France’s Caribara Animation are launching a brand new animated TV series reboot of “Astro Boy,” one of Japan’s most famous anime properties. 417 more words