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The Paid Mods Scenario, Past, Present And Future

We all know what happened a couple of weeks ago. Valve tried to forcefully evolve the modding community by allowing mod authors to charge for their work on the Steam Workshop. 608 more words

The Future

I’m not really sure what I expect to get out of this blog or in which direction this blog is going to go. I’ve spent a lot of my day thinking about what to post and when to do it and how to do it but I’m at this point now where I realized I’m trying to make blogging a “thing” of mine. 346 more words


Top 5 free games

Number 5


The game is played by relaxing, holding, extending or contracting the various joints on the player’s character and hitting the spacebar to advance time by a user-specified amount, the default being ten frames. 247 more words

Free Games

Team Fortress 2

Following up with the new UGC season of Highlander Iron division. I have made up a roster with many friends from school and some people that I have been playing video games with for a long time. 48 more words


My Tribute to Valve

I know very many people (including myself) who started PC gaming because many of the games are on sale much more often than at GameStop for a console. 611 more words

Mapper's Block

Today I wanted to talk to you about something I encounter on every single map I make. I already went over it briefly in my last post… 330 more words