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YouTube Subscribers

So I have a YouTube channel which I rarely use. I have 2 technically, one in my real name which is the main one I use for watching and subscribing to other channels, and a 2nd ‘Werewolf’ channel. 179 more words

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The Final Score

One year ago today I released my first public map, DR_Bank. The main site its hosted on is Gamebanana.com which uses an 11-area scoring system to rank maps by various factors like game balance, design, audio, detailing and other such technical area. 288 more words

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Team Fortress 2 Halloween update to be a community affair, no developer content

Valve’s popular multiplayer first-person-shooter ‘Team Fortress 2’ has long had an established and loyal community. The game continues to be supported almost a decade after its original release in The Orange Box with free updates keeping the game fresh. 306 more words


Mini Motor Racing EVO Steam Review

Mini Motor Racing EVO is an overhead racing game that’s a kin to the single screen arcade racers of the 80s. The title is apt and descriptive, because you’re driving around in miniature vehicles. 1,437 more words

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Why I've spent too much time in Team Fortress 2

TF2, a class based shooter with a lot of personality, is the most I’ve played a single game, and I have some brief thoughts about maybe why. 297 more words


Steam Account $1200 + in skins! Karambits, Unusuals|LOTS OF GAMES

Start Bid: $340 (Current Offer)
Quantity: 1
End Date: (DD/MM/YY) (max 30 days)
– All games (CS:GO, TF2, GMod, etc… are still playable online and offline.) 62 more words


I don't do timetables!

I should have known not to try using a timetable to organise myself, but because guess what!? As soon as I am supposed to be doing something, I find something else to do. 170 more words

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