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Trading Tips: Steam Authenticator, Steam Inventory Helper

Hey, with a launch of scrap.tf’s steampls service, it’s now easier for people to set-up their Mobile Authenticators if they haven’t yet, or if they had issues with theirs before. 339 more words


Loadout on PS4 = Team Fortress 2's Creepy Uncle

I recently found a gem of a F2p (Free to Play) game on the PS4. A friend of mine (Cotah_the_Great or as I’ll forever refer to him from now on “Buford”) Beufont_Blaster suggested I check out a game called “Loadout”. 1,241 more words

30 Day Challenge: Day 11- Favorite Type of Video Games

I love video games, I don’t even want to know how many total hours I have spent playing because I was playing before i was registered with Steam so all of my game time hasn’t been recorded. 691 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

TF2: Meet Your Match Downfall

The new TF2 update was meant introduce the long awaited competitive mode to the game, as well as having a new “ranked” system in casual games. 391 more words


"Two games, two heroes, only one champion!" - JT Machinima Rap Battle

JT Machinima is known to produce awesome gaming raps (really, if you haven’t heard his works until now then do yourself a favour and take a stroll through his channel!) and in his most recent worked he pitched two of the faster characters in online multiplayer games – Tracer vs Scout! 33 more words


CMG - Red Everywhere, not Cool-Aid #007

John’s not with us this week, but I did get a chance to talk to a really cool dude, le.radioman aka Frank. We talk a lot about Quake, old games, Darkest Dungeon, and so on. 21 more words

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Team Fortress 2 gets Competitive Mode and Matchmaking

I have a confession to make. I haven’t played Team Fortress 2 in a good four years or so. And this is after clocking hundreds of hours in Valve’s free first person shooter. 47 more words