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Exploring the Twilight Zone of Team Fortress 2

If you play on a ‘capture the intel’ Team Fortress 2 server long enough, something eerie starts to happen. Gradually, the player base of the server will fluctuate and slowly recede, they’ll be less snipers headshotting you as soon as you leave your base and you can find yourself walking for full minutes without encountering an opposing colour. 829 more words


Scenes, and their references - Source Filmmaker Video, Coming Soon!

(Sources are included! Simply click on the images to go to their sources).

The Support Soldier

Inspired by Tf2 Analyzed

Primary: Cow Mangler 5000

Secondary: Concheror/Buff Banner/Battalion’s Backup

Melee: Disciplinary Action/Escape Plan

Cow Mangler 5000

+Unlimited Ammo

+Alt fire: A charge shot that mini-crits players, sets them on fire, and disable buildingsĀ for 4 seconds… 1,327 more words


LEGO Team Fortress 2

This is my LEGO minfig version of Team Fortress 2.

Some of them are not holding their default weapons. For example, the Pyro is holding the Phlogistinator instead of the flame thrower. 27 more words

The TF2 Mapping Workshop

The Workshop
So you all know I make TF2 maps. Well I am not alone. There are many communities that make maps, and many sites that let mappers ‘publish’ their maps so that other players can download and play them. 1,024 more words

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