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I’ve never been a good FPS player. This doesn’t stop me from enjoying the genre, however.

There’s something about Overwatch that appealed to me from the first announcement of it. 423 more words


Titanfall 2 Tech Test: First Impressions

It’s a big year for EA, with several games coming out in the next few months. One of these being Titanfall 2, the sequel to the multiplayer-based FPS. 610 more words


Mjolnir Short: Unsuccessful Procedure

We’re half way through the week! Have a short to keep you going.

Unsuccessful Procedure was my only Team Fortress 2 comic. This was just after the Orange Box came out. 68 more words


Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress2

Team Fortress 2, one of the best TF2 game on Steam(a popular game platform) TF2 has been in development for 7 years until it has been fully released, the official release date is October the 9th 2007. 493 more words


It's been a while (Part 2)

In case you missed it, part 1. And I was going to post this a couple days after, not over a week later. The reason why is below. 1,292 more words

Blog Post

Team Fortress 2: Further Thoughts on Abandonment and the Newest Update

A couple of days ago, I made this post listing some of my grievances with the surge of match abandonment that has come with the new competitive mode in Team Fortress 2. 198 more words