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About afterburn being nerfed.

If the afterburn duration is based on how long you are burning someone, doesn't that make it pretty useless since if you are burning someone's butt for a long amount of time shouldn't they be as good as dead anyway? 136 more words


Pixel Art Day 1: Ooh, shiny!

Today is day 1 of the pixel art challenge, so we’re starting on the first tutorial:


So, for our shiny object, we’ll use the Splendid Screen, from Team Fortress 2. 57 more words

Pixel Art

Valve already forgot how logic works

Ok Valve, if I'm doing MORE fire damage to someone it means they aren't running (When afterburn matters) and are going to die.

When I'm doing LESS fire damage to someone it means they're running away, when after burn matters. 44 more words


Got kicked for asking pyros to spy check.

My exact words were: Can our pyros please check for spies?

Then someone votes to kick me and it goes through, even though I was 4th on the scoreboard for points. 11 more words


Team Fortress 2: Jungle Inferno update - day two - Review 

This is a continuation of a four part review. To read part one click here.

Day 2:

After a few early morning hours of doubtful waiting, the second day of  376 more words


I'm waiting for new guns, no skins/taunta - GUNS!

Valve, can you add some guns from workshop, please ?

Submitted October 18, 2017 at 04:07PM by jazmojegopokoju http://ift.tt/2x3TjlN