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The votekick system needs to be reworked.

EDIT: I kind of regret the title, I either want it deleted or to be reworked to be honest.
I just got kicked for questioning the logic of a teammate because he was calling the enemy team pussies for not getting out of their base and defending. 521 more words


[Rant] Really sick of getting my contract progress reset

Every time I start to make some progress on really tough contracts (expert med, for example), the item server decides to go down on me, resetting all my progress. 25 more words


"Hold the memes, please" doesn't work

Page still jam packed with shitpost threads after clicking it.

I just want to see some interesting discussion about the game itself (truetf2 doesn't get a lot of traffic). 23 more words


Amputator contract broken?

So I made the mistake of picking the Amputator contract, and even though it's significantly easier than it was originally, I'm still having problems with it. 128 more words


I'm really tired of Valve/TFteam incompetence on the matter of vac

Everyday I play on casual I met al least one person cheating

Since we all know vac is incompetent since like 2013

Can this please get fixed like seriously money isn't a problem for valve… 64 more words


Weekly reminder Pyro is currently cancer incarnate, how to remedy it, and why suggestions from the 6s community aren't always right/might've been misunderstood

I stand by an example I've already made: Before Jungle Inferno, I remember games of KOTH where I'd be playing Scout, and even though I would dominate 6 Pyros back to back, my team would ultimately lose the game because those 6 Pyros would rush the point with such frequency that it simply wasn't possible to deny them fast enough as Scout to clear a path to the point. 1,762 more words