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Saturday Geekend: Zombie Slayer

Saturday is here and I can finally get the stress and tension of that last week out of my system! Sadly my mother-in-law has fallen ill so I didn’t go around to visit today like I was supposed. 250 more words


Hands on with Overwatch

A little delayed, but a couple weeks ago I had the great opportunity to be at PAX East. It was my very first PAX ever, and while I’ve been to New York Comic Con and Fan Expo, I was absolutely astonished by this convention. 302 more words


[Lent 2015 - 36 of 44] Run out of steam

I was on a roll. I was cranking out maps and working on updates, powering though to-do lists and getting shit done. I even openly told my Steam group that I was going to get old stuff done, no excuses. 202 more words

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How to play TF2: COD style

It’s funny because people assume they can use their Call of Duty skills and win in TF2.


The whole story - why didn't anyone ever explain this to me?

So somehow in my 30 something years of “knowing” God, I somehow missed the whole story? Seriously? I know many a bible song from Sunday school, anyone remember this one? 584 more words

In the Beginning

This is where it all starts, the journey into theology and a deeper understanding of this God who I cling to a slightly tighter every day. 237 more words