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#525 Questions raised by Valve's new Paid Mods

The PC gaming side of the internet had an explosion yesterday with the with Valve’s announcement of their launching of the paid player generated mods for Skyrim, with the Fallout and future games in mind. 671 more words

Scoped Sniper Standing - TF2

Photoshop Study from SFM.

Not dynamic or original, but a fun study all the same. Thinking about designing weapons, hats, merch etc. for the Steam workshop and want to get a good feel for the art style. 61 more words


Fight the Robot Menace (MVM)

Mann Co. needs your help. An army of robots, determined to destroy Mann Co., is on the approach. It’s going to take six of you to stop them at all costs. 152 more words


Why TF2 is the best free-2-play game (and why you should play it)

When you hear: “free-2-play”, the first thing that comes to mind for a gamer is: “pay-2-win” (which means that you’ll have to throw down real money to get to the good stuff). 275 more words