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3 (32×32 original size, upscaled here) emotes created for Scrap.TF.

(Surprised speech bubble) :suprise:

(Golden frying pan, from Team Fortress 2) :goldenfryingpan:

(Musical notes) :music:

Pixel Art

Upcoming: Pyro Class Discussion Within Team Fortress 2

I’ll be writing a piece on the state of the Pyro class in TF2 along with my thoughts as to why I believe Pyro is one of the weakest classes in the game.

Poor Ullapool Caber...

Poor, poor Caber. Once the proudest member of Demoman’s unlockable melee weapons, the only one that merged Demoknight and Demoman into a weird parody of both classes, the only weapon that brought the ‘Demo’ part of the class name to Medieval Mode…the mighty Ullapool Caber is a shadow of its former self. 515 more words


Lord of the Flies

Once upon a time, long long ago, young aabicus made up his mind that he was ready to buy an unusual hat. He’d recently unboxed… 492 more words


The Making of a Medic

As I mentioned in a previous article, I am very particular with the cosmetics I chose for my Medic wardrobe. As a matter of fact, I can walk through my old screenshots and watch my outfit evolve as the various parts came together and at no point have I removed a piece. 719 more words



Teamfortress2 jest kolejną częścią gry teamfortress

Soldier po krótkiej chwili może zabić grubasa jednym strzałem w głowe.

Soldier ma bazuke.

Sniper ma łuk.

Pyro ma miotacz ognia.

Doktor leczy innych.


Casually trying to fix Team Fortress’s casual mode


On July 7th 2016 Valve released an update titled, “Meet Your Match”. This update included a complete overhaul of the casual pub experience of TF2 and introduced a now completely forgotten competitive mode that lacks any real sense of competition. 1,964 more words

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