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The Twelth Rally

Michael and Gunner missed Halloween… but that won’t stop them from talking about their favorite scary game!¬† Also mentioned is a ridiculous jar of peanut butter, Hearthstone burnout, Overwatch, the luckiest grab-bag, and more! 61 more words


Dota 2 (Short)

8/10 This game is one of the best made Moba( Multiplayer Online battle arena) games and has a huge community. The game play is fun and every game is aggravating but still fun. 90 more words


Team Fortress 2 The Fur will fly

15+ Post or for the usa 17+ post

Or maybe from the previous post you do not want to explore a fantasy land. With swords and dragons and magic… 53 more words


Testing and Publishing maps has changed

The title of this post applies more to the testing phase, but it does factor into the later publishing of any given map.

The development process of a map usually goes as follows: 638 more words

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Art - Bonk Advertisement

Created in Photoshop using the Pen tool to draw, and using some filters and blending options to make it look drawn from a brush and also to add detail to the shapes.

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My Artwork

Art - (Team Fortress 2) "Wanted" Heavy Poster

Created in Photoshop using the Pen tool, Shape tool, Cutout filter and Rough Pastels filter.

Took around 2 hours to complete.

Inspired by the wanted posters you see in western films, and the theme of Team Fortress 2.

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My Artwork