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How Will State Board of Education Trustees Vote on Controversial #CharterSchool Petitions?

: The charter schools were approved. Perseverance in full, and Promise as a K-8. See links below.

In May of 2017, the Center for Popular Democracy… 1,589 more words

Civil Rights

Front-liner #1: You Don't Need An Education Degree to Be a Great Teacher

One of the primary criticisms of Teach For America and (to a lesser extent) charter networks is that they hire people with little or no formal education coursework. 980 more words

Front-liner: My Life in Teach For America, KIPP, and Education Reform

As a teacher, it can be hard to have a conversation about “education reform” and everything associated with it: charter schools, ‘accountability’ measures, leadership, funding, space, etc. 897 more words

How to reboot a universe

There has been a LOT of discussion about The Last Jedi, the contents of which moved on from the well-oiled ‘what a great scene that was, the CGI was fantastic’ to the actually thought-provoking ‘but what does it all mean?’. 344 more words

Star Wars

TFA Log Collection for Cluster / Cluster Database Issue

TFA Log Collection for Cluster / Cluster Database Issue

It’s an amazing work if you learn how to look for relevant information in TFA Diagnostics Logs. 3,263 more words


Happy New Year! (1/2)

So, 2017 has officially passed.

Honestly, 2017 is a year of huge change and growth for me. There’s the final project I have to complete within the first 5 months for graduation, where I learnt how to complete a huge project on my own in my own pace, while taking care of my body and my mind. 160 more words


What's The Deal With The Mirror Cave Scene From The Last Jedi

I know I said I was going to write a review, but I’m very conflicted on The Last Jedi. I need another watch to fully be able to understand or try to understand this movie. 1,056 more words

Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy