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April 7/

michael d brings over a paper that is allegedly a work form for rite-aid.

keon w, “that’s a birth certificate!”

april 7/

i was walking in the hallways and kennard tells me, “you’re wearing a lot of black.”

“black is the color of my soul.” 10 more words

april 7/

i was teaching about monomials, and sadir g says, “you know…it sounds like oatmeal. you know? monoatmeal??”

April 6/

someone walks into 8th period and seeing the few number of students, asks, “what is this?!”

“bible study.” -matt b

march 18/

i was yelling at max b to get his mind right for the last trimester. i was poking his chest, and he said i looked like a “bunny”

March 18/

i was pissed off because someone ran off with my headphones again. christian g, in seeing how angry i was, offered me his as he got a new phone and had 3 pairs at home. 50 more words

march 17/

“you and i are like this *fingers crossed*. at the beginning of the year, we were *fingers far apart*. during second trimester, we got *a little closer*. 17 more words