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TFA & the Presidential Election

I keep my eyes peeled for signs—it’s just something I do. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a coincidence. For instance, when I was job-searching for something in the writing field, a link to the Teach for America website just popped up, out of nowhere. 534 more words


Regional Placement & Transitional Funding

Happy Election Day!

I have to say, since the highly anticipated moment of regional placement is now over, I’m slowly becoming overwhelmed with the next steps as a (potential) corps member. 427 more words


Without Recruits, Even Lobbying Cannot Save Teach for America

In July 2016, the teacher temp agency, Teach for America (TFA) filed its latest tax form, technically for 2014, but actually spanning June 01, 2014 to May 31, 2015. 780 more words


Finally Some Good News!

As the title of this posts suggests, I recently found out a couple good things that deal with my writing. The first is that my short story, “Lux Nauta,” won an Honorable Mention in the Writers’ of the Future contest. 597 more words


The Weekly Scoundrel Presents – Star Wars Comics Catch Up Extravaganza!

Okay, so, yeah, I know, as far as being a “weekly” scoundrel, I’m failing mightily (though I’d argue that makes me a pretty spot-on scoundrel), but, just when I thought things were going to cool down and allow more time for writing, they decided to take it in another direction…such is life, I guess…anyway, I’m going to do my best to get back to normal from now on…or I’ll just change the name of my posts to the “occasional” scoundrel…either way, I’ll still be writing (hopefully) more often, so the posts you’ve been missing (or forgot about) will be back to fill your mind with a storm of electrical impulses and your heart with nearly unconditional Star Wars love…it’ll be great…and to start with, I’m going to catch up on the four Star Wars comics I haven’t had time to go over yet. 1,960 more words

A Bit on the Interview Process & Regional Placement

So if you’ve applied to Teach for America, you’ll probably be waiting on the edge of your seat to hear if you’ve been invited to interview with them.   600 more words


Onward and Upward: Why I Decided to Join TFA

I’m not some recent ivy league university graduate looking for something to beef up my resume. Nah, I’ve held my B.A. in Professional Writing from York College of Pennsylvania for over five years now. 862 more words