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August 20th 2016 ABY

Today is the birthday of Sidon Ithano, colorful Delphidian pirate, Captain of the Meson Martinet. Ithano rose to prominence during the lawlessness that arose after the Galactic Civil War and the disarray the galaxy was left in. 198 more words


Teach For America exported and going Global!

Did you know that Teach For America is being exported worldwide?

Truth For America is a podcast about Teach For America (TFA) that provides voice to educators, parents, students, and other key stakeholders. 251 more words

Teach For America

The light at the end of the tunnel

Its been a few weeks since my last post. As usual with this kind of challenging project its 2 steps forward and 1 step back. In my case it was 3 steps forward and 2 steps backwards. 292 more words


August 12th 2016 ABY

Today is the birthday of Unkar Plutt, junk boss of the backwater planet of Jakku, in the year 23 BBY. Plutt is an aquatic humanoid called the Crolute, but his residency on the desert planet of Jakku keeps him far from any major water source. 157 more words


Education Leaders of Color: Same Reforms, Newly Packaged and Gates Funded

The Gates Foundation is funding a brand-spanking new corporate reform nonprofit (that happens to be stuffed with veterans from two very familiar corporate reform nonprofits): Education Leaders of Color ( 2,044 more words

High-stakes Testing

TFA Rodimus Smiling

Yesterday, I drew TFA Rodimus smiling while looking banged up(as I want to see characters smiling). Learning the lesson of the 1am sketch, I decided to leave the inking to this morning, so I would feel less pressure to hurry up the inking. 93 more words