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Ren and Redemption

You’ve already seen it; you likely thought to yourself as it was happening the first time: This is not going to go well.

Kylo Ren faced his father on a narrow bridge, miles from the bottom of a pit with no handrails. 779 more words

Kylo Ren

La. BESE Member Kira Orange Jones and NM Acting Chancellor Chris Ruszkowski Are Married.

In September 2016, Teach for America (TFA) Executive Director of the Greater New Orleans-Delta Region and Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) member, Kira Orange Jones, announced that she would be leaving her specific TFA post only to move into a higher post overseeing 15 TFA executive directors. 1,127 more words

John White

John White Forgot Something on Several Years of Ethics Disclosures: His Wife.

In October 2015, I wrote a post in which I examined Louisiana state superintendent John White’s ethics filings.

As state superintendent of education, White is… 1,158 more words

John White

To Tfa or not to Tfa


Writing a few notes on the tool of Tfa on Oracle Real Application Clusters to share my current experiences on this topic. When you create a Tar @ Oracle for an issue on one of your clusters it might very well be that Support is asking to upload Tfa reports. 711 more words


SHHHHH Trojan Horse Trump To Renegotiate The TPP & More.

“But now, in an act of political judo, Trump is trying to use the same anti-establishment, pro-American rhetoric from his campaign to craft a neoliberal NAFTA renegotiation… 175 more words

The Early Teacher Days: Another TFA Reflection

I am feeling so many emotions right now, I could cry. In fact, I am crying right now, and I’ve been crying all day, or more realistically, the past couple of weeks. 873 more words

TFA Femme Zine: Duo

So around a week ago, I had lost my wacom pen, and adding to the health condition, I had not drew much sketches. That is until 2 days ago, where I bought a replacement wacom pen, and now I proceeded to draw a sketch and coloured with Photoshop, mainly for the submission to the current  202 more words