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'This Is Where It Hurts'

When I was diagnosed with my genetic disease, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), I found myself thinking about pie. It was a graham cracker crust with a layer of coconut cream, a layer of key lime custard, with a lime whipped cream, and topped with toasted coconut. 2,117 more words

Wrist injury

One week before race and I sprain my wrist, in gym of all places. Looks like damage to my TFCC or wrist on little finger side. 31 more words

Back to School: TFCC 102 – Function

Now that we’ve gotten the boring anatomy out of the way, we get to learn what the TFCC actually does. Because form always determines function, the job of the TFCC should be easy to picture once you understand the anatomy. 260 more words


Back to School: TFCC 101 – Anatomy

When I get an injury the immediate action following is:

  1. Get home as soon as possible.
  2. Get an ice pack on the injury and compress the area with a tensor or compression sleeve.
  3. 858 more words

TFCC Story Part 3: Imaging and time to cowboy up!

So it was the end of January and time to get my diagnostic ultrasound done. I’ve had one of these done before on my groin and they’re not much of a hassle. 911 more words


TFCC Story Part 2: A Triangular Fibro..what??

So to get right back into story time, the next 3 weeks were spent in a depressing misery after being cut. Junk food, alcohol, going-out late, basically doing everything high-level athletes shouldn’t do. 375 more words


TFCC Story Part 1: Crap, I just effed up my wrist..


Age: 24, Sex: F, Job: ATHLETE! (ice hockey), oh and I’m Canadian!

Initial injury cause: Went to shoot the puck during a game and had my stick blocked causing my wrist to jam, compress, and supinate all at the same glorious time and with a crap-load of force. 496 more words