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Missing My Forehand Drive

It started in mid-November when I first noticed some pain in my right hand wrist whenever I hit a tennis forehand drive. I didn’t pay much attention to it, as I thought I just needed rest, and the pain would go away after a couple of weeks. 432 more words


The Long Road (TFCC wrist injury update)

February last year, I quit climbing to focus on healing my body. My right wrist, coincidentally my dominant one, had gotten to the point where it ached constantly to the point it even kept me up at night. 1,105 more words


PRP treatment for my wrist's TFCC tear

Five months ago I was diagnosed with a partial tear in my triangular fibrocartilage (TFCC). Unfortunately it’s in my dominant wrist and has halted my climbing, writing, and other weight-bearing activities for the past 9 months. 582 more words


Triangles and Tears: Wrist Diagnosis

This title has a special double meaning today. For the first time in months I feel hope of climbing again. After 9 months of wrist injury and 5 months without climbing, I’ve finally got a diagnosis of exactly what is wrong. 1,249 more words