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How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 173.

Tight schedules and small windows of opportunity can create a lot of stress.

Every time I get a new radio job, Julie and I have to move house, quickly, usually hundreds of miles. 361 more words


Dillon Francis' New Music Video Is A Modern Marvel

Dillon fucking Francis man. Gotta love him, in a genre where so many people wear and say the same exact things, Francis keeps it fresh and has a lot of fun with it. 166 more words

Watching This Old Dude Put On A Poncho Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Ok so pretty self explanatory stuff here, old guy’s at a baseball game, starts to rain legit cats and dogs, dude tries to put on a poncho, where he then goes through some serious, serious shit. 145 more words

Harrison Barnes Wins Title, Drinks For The First Time

This is just heartwarming stuff right here, 23 year old Harrison Barnes has had his first sip of alcohol after winning the NBA Championship with his Warrior teammates last night. 245 more words

Gratz's Guestlist 11

Yep, it’s about that time, brand new Gratz’s Guestlist filled with all the tracks you need for a successful (interpretive) weekend. This week features new Showtek, Dyro, and newfound sickos JAGGS. 19 more words

Nathaniel Mann- Beachcomber

A lot of people know dudes that think they can rap…I do too except the difference is i got a guy for yall I know… 74 more words