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Best Long Term Forecasts

This Week at MANIFEST (4/24/2015)

One of the Best Long-Term Forecasting Methods

“If you have to forecast, forecast often.” — Edgar R. Fiedler in The Three Rs of Economic Forecasting-Irrational, Irrelevant and Irreverent , June 1977. 520 more words


TFM (Total Frat Move!)

I was thinking about what to post, and I couldn’t think of anything right now, so I turned to youtube and found this video. When people think of Fraternities, they often think of beer, parties, and more beer. 46 more words

Gratz's Guestlist 6

It’s Friday, and that means another installment of Gratz’s Guestlist. Here’s the thing though, I know people have their formals this weekend and I know Firebeatz are playing in AC, plus a bunch of other crazy shit is probably happening because it’s the fucking weekend and the weather is dope. 69 more words


Ashanti- Happy

Yeah, that’s right. This track is pure bliss, and this weather we’re getting here on the east coast makes for a perfect time to listen again. 172 more words

Mikey P, Ryan Enzed- WTF

We all know that guy. That guy who wants you to share his shitty mixtape, or his lame DJ Facebook page, his stupid fucking blog (lol) etc. 72 more words


We’ve had a big week so far, as you now know Taco Bell may start delivering, HQ is reopening, and so the throwbacks this week definitely need to be pretty fucking ratch. 164 more words

Fellow Degenerates Rejoice: HQ Plans Its Comebacky

May was already starting to start to look really promising. We got Mayweather/ Pacquiao, Djais frolicking with the guidos, EDC with the girls with daddy issues, and now it’s about to reach a whole new level of ignorance. 276 more words