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Top 5 Most Rutgers Songs Ever (Or At Least For When I Was There)

Ok so it’s that time where everyone starts posting sentimental shit about how they’re graduating and starting a new chapter and being a real person and all that sappy shit, and sometimes a nigga can’t help but reminisce on their own time at school and relive some memories. 942 more words


Recently I read an article titled #StopCrossFit, by W.R. Bolen, New York times best selling author of the book Total Frat Move, a novel chronicling the lives of America’s privileged youth in colleges across the United States through the ever blurry lens of Fraternity life. 1,474 more words

Mom Held Hostage By Psycho Boyfriend Escapes Using Pizza Hut App

Ok so here’s the deal: A Florida (typical) mom was allegedly being held at knife point by her boyfriend in her home while their three young kids were present. 484 more words

Martin Garrix & Tiesto- The Only Way Is Up

Tiesto is pretty much one of the main bosses of electronic music. He’s like Mitch from ‘Old School’, ‘The Godfather’. Martin Garrix is the young protege who is one of the most talented producers on earth right now and is being groomed to take the reigns… and he still can’t even (legally) have a beer in America for another three years. 118 more words

Bro Mentality (Segment 1: On Hooking Up)

For most people at one point in life, emotional ties seem kind of whack. In college…balancing 16 units, sports, working out, having a job, going out on weekends, and doing homework hungover, does not leave much time for a significant other. 372 more words

Generation Z

Best Long Term Forecasts

This Week at MANIFEST (4/24/2015)

One of the Best Long-Term Forecasting Methods

“If you have to forecast, forecast often.” — Edgar R. Fiedler in The Three Rs of Economic Forecasting-Irrational, Irrelevant and Irreverent , June 1977. 520 more words