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Code Quality - Running JavaScript Unit Tests on TFS Build using Chutzpah

Recently, I integrated JavaScript unit test build support to our Continuous Integration process. The aim was to fail the build if the JS test fails, that way the developers can fix the error immediately and the code quality remains high. 408 more words

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Failing Build in Jenkins & TFS 2013 On Powershell Script Failure

Aim :

For both Jenkins and TFS 2013, fail a build on Powershell script failure.

Jenkins :

In Jenkins’ Windows Powershell build step, after calling your Powershell script, add the following check on $LastExitCode, 376 more words

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Migrating TFS 2013 Source Control to Git With History

I have been recently asked by one of the client to migrate from TFS 2013 to Git. The reason for the request was TFS 2013 was massive tool and for the company size that is not fit tool to enable what is required by the client. 461 more words

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Tracking Code Branch Between TFS 2013 and Octopus Deploy

Recently, by mistake, we pushed ‘develop’ branch into Production. It was a human error and after rolling back to a stable deployment, the question soon arose that how can we avoid this in future. 373 more words

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TF400324 [Solved] - Team Foundation services are not available from server


I first encountered this error one Saturday evening while working from home. I have several devices sharing a not-so-good wireless router and I have experienced it a few times during periods of high internet activity within my house. 265 more words

TFS 2012

Create a TFS Build Custom Activity to Read From File

I needed to create a Custom Activity that read from XML file and display the values on the Build log.

It’s very easy and I will not re-write how to do the basic Custom Activity, but if you are not familiar with that, you can see the following link: 213 more words


Versioning Assembly during TFS Build 2013

My fellows MVPs Colin Dembovsky and Ricci Gian Maria had great posts on doing Assembly Versioning, it doesn’t cover my case but they helped me very well. 553 more words