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Migrate Source code from TFS TFVC to GIT


This document defines the steps to be followed to migrate source code from TFVC to TFS-Git repository along with change set history


Here the Source is TFVC repository… 412 more words


Build Error-Could not write lines to file FileListAbsolute.txt. Access to the path is denied.

If you are receiving below error while building your solution using TFS build.

Possible reason for this error could be that when the first time the project was build and failed it left Read-Only file in the obj or bin folder or it has duplicate files with same name. 77 more words

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Empty results generated in Code Coverage.

Code coverage is used to check how much of your code is covered by unit test. When you run “Analyze Code Coverage for All Tests” from Test Explorer of your visual studio, it will first build your solution, then run all the associated tests and then show the code coverage in “Code Coverage Results” window. 243 more words

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How to delete a Team Project in Team Foundation Server?

Deleting a team project in TFS is quite easy provided you are the project owner or you have required permission to delete a project.

In order to delete a Team Project, open a developer command prompt(C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\Tools\Shortcuts) and type below command. 11 more words

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How to know the Process Template used to create a TFS project?

Once a TFS Team Project is created using a process template, there is no record of which process template was used to create the project for later reference. 152 more words

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How to know the files/folders checked-in to TFS by any user?

Some team requires the details of files/folders checked-in to TFS by users for auditing purpose. Once can achieve this goal both from web access and visual studio. 167 more words

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How to unlock files locked by employee who have left the organization?

Developers always checkout lots of files to their local machine, work on them and then check them into the source control. But what happens when someone checked out bunch of files, modified them and then suddenly left the organization without checking them in? 309 more words

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