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Destroying deleted branches in TFS

Everyone using a version control system will have ever used a delete command to delete files/folders which are not required anymore.

Team Foundation Verion Control (TFVC) treats a… 556 more words

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Create One Main Build Process to Invoke Other Builds

The main question was….. How to start a build when another build succeeds in TFS, in other word.. how to invoke a TFS Build from another TFS Build? 364 more words


Deep copy of Test Cases to a TFS Team Project in another Team Project Collection

A few days ago I got stuck in a project to migrate a set of test cases from an “old” Team Project to another (new) Team Project in another Team Project Collection (TFS 2013 Update 4 environment). 151 more words

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Estimating the time for migrating projects to VSO (Visual Studio Online)

I wrote in a previous post about how to migrate projects to VSO with different tools, but the most important question was what is the estimated time for each project??? 53 more words


Code Quality - Running JavaScript Unit Tests on TFS Build using Chutzpah

Recently, I integrated JavaScript unit test build support to our Continuous Integration process. The aim was to fail the build if the JS test fails, that way the developers can fix the error immediately and the code quality remains high. 408 more words

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Failing Build in Jenkins & TFS 2013 On Powershell Script Failure

Aim :

For both Jenkins and TFS 2013, fail a build on Powershell script failure.

Jenkins :

In Jenkins’ Windows Powershell build step, after calling your Powershell script, add the following check on $LastExitCode, 376 more words

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