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What is the permission needed to view and create a Excel report for TFS Analysis Services cube?

To view, refresh, or create a Microsoft Excel report that connects to the SQL Server Analysis Services cube you have many options:

Without SharePoint Server… 43 more words


Baseline vs Completed

Today I will describe one more report we’ve created in order to analyze how baseline hours refers to the actual time spent on the solution of the task. 452 more words


Customer’s Satisfaction

In this post I will speak about how we’re getting feedback from our users. This procedure includes:

  1. Send and collect feedback in our local Request Registration System (you can see our architecture in the…
  2. 392 more words

How we track bugs in TFS: Common Reports

One of the most important measures of system stability is how many not closed bugs exist at present moment. I will not speak about SLA here (or how quickly IT team is closing them) – this will be the subject of future post. 294 more words


Projects’ detailed planning phase: why TFS

In this post I will continue to speak about project management and how TFS helps me handling it. I’ve started from Project Kick-off meeting, then we have created branches for project’s code and reserved… 438 more words


Main Support Report.

In this post I would like to speak about support reports. We have systems that are in production for quite a long period of time. And business wants some additional changes and new functionality to be implemented to the current systems. 313 more words