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Setting Environment Variables From PowerShell Tasks Under TFS 2015

This is less than intuitive, but you can hotwire some underlying functionality to set your own environment variables that will persist from task to task. Here, we take a value… 23 more words


How to undo the checkout by other users in TFS.

If you are in a role of TFS admin, there sometimes is a need to undo the checkout by other users, i.e. someone has checked out the file but is not available to check the file back in. 155 more words


Rolling back to a specific version in TFS

You should use this, if you have multiple changesets for a file in TFS and you need to rollback to a specific version. For example, you had a file at a changeset 1 first. 84 more words


Merging shelveset changes to a different branch in TFS

Merging changes to different branches sounds like a straightforward thing to do. This is especially the case when you use Git as your version control because you can either do a merge or rebase and this will apply your changes. 382 more words


GIT Pull-Requests and Reviews in TFS/VSTS

TFS or its cloud instance Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) does have a very nice integration of GIT as a distributed version control system (DVCS). This is build into TFS since TFS 2015 and did extend with every release of TFS. 1,534 more words

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It’s time to turn those great ideas into great business applications for Windows, Android, iOS, and the web. Building scalable, state-of-the-art business applications is now easier than ever. 76 more words

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Soul Silver NUZLOCKE - TFS Plays

It’s time to venture through Johto and Kanto once again with your favorite TFS crew! With a whole new world, brand new attitude, and battles on SET, will we survive a new NUZLOCKE CHALLENGE? Find out!!

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