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Sequential build

Currently there is no out-of-the-box  way of making sequential builds in TFS, so I took a look at the REST API, that TFS provides. See… 55 more words

VSTS Plugin for FeatureSwitcher

Today I released a Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS) Plugin for FeatureSwitcher – an open source .NET project to help you with FeatureFlags. The FeatureSwitcher.VstsConfiguration… 439 more words



The last 2 posts have seen use use TFS to build and deploy database models and SSIS packages.  https://sqljoel.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/tfs-ssis

We are now going to turn our focus to SSRS.   167 more words


git-tfs: The Gitification Project

More to follow

I have another post planned that I am working on, that will go into a bit more detail about the fun that can be had with git-tfs, but for now I will just provide a reference to… 621 more words


Fix slow performance of npm tasks on TFS build agent


TFS or VSTS builds that contain npm tasks take a very long time on a private build agent.

As you can see in the image, each npm stept takes more then 6 minutes – even a npm config. 156 more words


Estimations: Story-Points vs. Hours

Over the last months the topic of estimations for developing software with many people arise many times. The thing with the story-points for estimations often seems to be confusing so lets write about it. 877 more words

Software Development


In my last blog post we built the process to build and deploy database models to each of our environments using ms-build.  https://sqljoel.wordpress.com/2017/06/30/tfs-team-foundation-server/

In my experience, SSIS hasn’t been treated as cleanly in many organizations.   329 more words