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THAI Airways business class at $583 roundtrip from Seoul - Bangkok การบินไทยชั้นธุรกิจลดราคาไป กลับ จากโซล - กรุงเทพ เริ่มต้นเพียง 20,xxx บาท

THAI Airways business class at $583  roundtrip from Seoul – Bangkok การบินไทยชั้นธุรกิจลดราคาไป กลับ จากโซล – กรุงเทพ  เริ่มต้นเพียง 20,xxx บาท

จองได้ที่ www.thaiairways.com

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For the last few years, ‘fake it till you make it’ has been sort of my life mantra.

It’s been applying to everything I do, from working at different positions I didn’t have much experience in, to starting transition and presenting as a gender I hadn’t been raised to present as. 1,384 more words


A fun Tuesday for Susan

Okay one thing I have wanted to do as Susan is go to the beach so Monday night I was looking at the weather for the week and Tuesday looked the best so I decided to go. 1,286 more words


Sam: Gender Fluid Movie

Directed by Mel Brooks’ son, Nicholas Brooks, Sam tells the story of a sexist womanizer who wakes one day to find he has been turned into a pretty, petite woman with a voice, as he says, like a chipmunk.   1,026 more words

New Story: FREE 9/28-10/1

Hey, folks!  As a way to thank everyone for your support, I have put out a new short story which will be free from 9/28 through 10/1 on Amazon!   161 more words


Top 5 Things to Do Post-Conference (HFES 2016 - Aftermath)

Continuing this series covering the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society (HFES) 2016 Annual Meeting, let’s discuss the Top 5 Things To Do Post-Conference:. 1,141 more words

Professional Development

Slow Swap/Fast Swap

Pic is promo for my Hero series, in which NYC cops get body swapped into the bodies
of young strippers.

I know some readers love a slow, leisurely swap.   695 more words