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What's in a Name?

I used to work at a very Christian school back in the pre-transition days, and as a way to get through the misery of working with people who frequently made transphobic comments, I’d set up little inside jokes for myself. 2,121 more words


Two Anniversaries

The Lisburn Ladies Fine Dining Club had our first outing of 2016 at the weekend. And it wasn’t just dining for dining’s sake, enjoyable as that is. 3,071 more words


Why I Make an Effort to Have Double Standards

I have double standards.
Sort of. They’re not unfair, but I definitely treat groups of people differently.

Just about everyone on the street and at work treats me like myself. 887 more words


Transparent (Spoilers)

So, I finally watched Transparent, mainlining the two existing seasons over the course of a weekend.

And I don’t know what to say.

I liked the show.   825 more words


A little bit of this... and then some more of this


Noun \ frag·ment \ˈfrag-mənt\

a portion broken off, detached, or incomplete part

Valerie Fragment

Noun \ val·er·ie frag·ment \ val·(ə-)rē ˈfrag-mənt\

a portion or broken thought, detached mental meanderings, or an incomplete selection of rumination… 816 more words


A Step Back In Time

Prompted by a comment from Ruth on my last post, and by a conversation with Mrs K last night, I’m going to regress to my childhood this time round. 2,391 more words