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Tears Of Frustration

So it turns out I’m a bit of an idiot. Maybe if I’d plumped for a darker wig I’d be less of a dumb blonde. My last couple of posts have made reference to my increasingly quixotic quest to get an appointment with my GP in order to request a referral to the Gender Clinic. 1,367 more words


Lift Like a Girl: Now Available!

What happens to life at a small town high-school when boys become the weaker sex? Find out in my latest ebook, Lift Like a Girl! 166 more words


The Two And Only

I got blanked on Monday. Good blanked. It was the outworking of a promise from my friend Jonathan a few weeks back, which I wrote about in a post entitled “ 1,120 more words


Do you want muscle?

So, I found myself considering a proposal to create something new: an illustrated TG story.

SteeleBlazer, proprietor of the fantastic Mighty Female Muscle Comix website, who also maintains an excellent site on… 517 more words




Hey, people!  Just some publication news– I am making my books available on Lulu for the first time!  You can find them on my author page… 536 more words


Backstory To Frontstory

Before I begin with the main content of this post, a quick update on my transition plan. Since the start of the year I have been intending to see my doctor during this month (May 2016) to request a referral to the Gender Identity Clinic and to start the ball rolling on my medical transition. 2,493 more words