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Hey sissies!

So, my last TG novel left things on a darkly-kinky cliffhanger, as alpha vampire-hunter Jason Harker woke up to discover he was now trapped as sexy, obedient Jasmine; love-slave of the deliciously-hunky vampire the Count! 187 more words

Lisa Change


My next GIC appointment is coming up in a little over a week.  At the previous appointment, I was given an exercise to do, something which I should bring with me to the next appointment.   2,371 more words


Rise of the new sorceress – Epilogue (Barusu’s perspective)

This is an epilogue to branched story where Barusu decides to steal Annabele’s body. I hope the story was clear enough for you to enjoy the story. 32 more words


Thandi & Kay

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“I wish that zines like Typical Girls had existed when I was a young teenager, thumbing the pages of glossy magazines searching in vain for something that reflected or honoured my experience, and I am sure that the next generation of Girls will be better off for having access to such a plurality of talent and self-expression.” – Rose Miyonga, ThandieKay contributing editor.


DIY Cultures

TG were at DIY Cultures this year, what an fantastic day. Thank you to everyone who came and bought a copy! Its so nice to be part of the thriving independent publishing community. 26 more words



Take a picture, push a button and you can see what you would look like as a member of the opposite sex. Sounds fun? It is. 230 more words