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T Minus 10

I have ten days left.  Ten days of living in the wrong gender.  Ten more days to put up with this existence.  Ten days until my life changes forever.   2,138 more words


Some Kinda Lovin'

I promised a bloggy post about fashions, so here goes.. not like I have an news romantically to report HA!… Okay, in SL there are designers who are extremely good at making full sets that are themed and wonderful..Here is a Moon Elixr example of a full set I have a folder called ‘Costumes’ that holds many things like that. 188 more words

Second Life

My Day with Miss Vera

“Do you want to go out?”   Miss Vera asked me on the phone.

“You mean as in outside?”


I sat there in silence, struggling with the question.   1,190 more words

New Book Up! Jack Danger!

Put a new book up on Amazon this week–  Jack Danger, time agent.   Jack prides himself on being unstoppable, on doing whatever it takes to complete a mission.   174 more words

[GTOP] Mọi người có nghĩ rằng Choi Seunghyun(TOP) sẽ thích Gay chứ?

“HAHAHAHA, Tôi sẽ lăn ra chết vì cười mất, một ai đó đã gửi cho tôi câu hỏi và bằng chứng chứng minh TOP là gay/bixeual…vì thế, tôi đã tìm trên Naver vì tôi không nhớ rõ lắm, 1,179 more words

Choi Seunghyun

Miss Vera's Finishing School For Boys

Imagine a school where men go to learn all about doing their make-up from a professional cosmetologist.  Where they take classes on walking in heels, female voice and even ballet, where the teacher requires them to wear leotards and tights. 262 more words

Thanks and more!

Thanks, everyone, who responded to my call for readers.  I am so blessed and lucky to have so many awesome people willing to be a part of my dream!   552 more words