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Touka Kirishima - Art Request

Here you have the monstrous creature known as Touka Kirishima. We have no idea what happened to hers Kaneki but it looks like she’s after a nice meal. 114 more words

#the Dark Path Series

Do I have a place in history?

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare

Female actors were outlawed during the Bards time and female characters were played by young boys or teens who voices were yet to break. 1,475 more words


Diddly Dee With Jungle Drums

Readers with week-long memories and little else to occupy their minds may recall that last time round I finished off with a teaser that I had another first coming up this week.   1,539 more words


In The Circle

After blogging last week about the negative feelings I was experiencing, I have had a moment of realisation.  I never, and I mean never, feel negative about my impending transition when I am actually presenting female, being my real self.   2,160 more words



Someone very close to me recently asked me to describe them in a few words, for some assignment they had in college. I duly did, and out of curiosity asked them to do the same for me.  711 more words


Have You Seen My Innertube?

Nana rented this cute little shack at the beach for us to enjoy for two days. We brought Auntie and her puppy with us, he loves running into the water and then back out and getting Auntie all wet. 178 more words

**Cute Bytes**



Here’s a bandage for your feelings
A tourniquet to stop the bleeding
A soothing balm to aid the healing

Here are some words to stem the sadness… 37 more words