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And then Kirk almost made out with a Klingon (Spoiler Alert)

    The ship heaved.
     Uhura was thrown out of her chair, against the rail, against Kirk.  But this time she caught him.
     She snagged him with one arm, and the rail with her other hand, and held them both against the tilt.
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How to set Tempered Glass for AFP

Worried if you’re doing right in installing your tempered glass? The wait is over! Watch below video on how to setup it properly.

Credit to Rex Chester Reyes of AFP Philippines


Its oh so quiet...

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.

Dalai Lama

Strange sensations, relaxing and increased appetite. Sounds like the start of a 1990’s sitcom and for the most part it basically is. 1,176 more words


It's The End Of The World As We Know It

OK, it’s not really the end of the world but I’m using the title to shoehorn in an excuse to embed this R.E.M classic in my post. 2,329 more words


5 Questions with KannelArt

Hey, everybody!   It is my pleasure to bring to you my latest 5 questions interview, this one with the artist KannelArt whose drawings are among the most beautiful work to be seen in the field. 782 more words


My mind opens up and more fragments come out...

It’s been awhile since I have just opened up my mind and poured some of those random little thoughts out, so I have decided to further pollute the internet and blogosphere with more Valerie Fragments. 974 more words


Borsty and Kib

No, that’s not the latest kids’ show from the makers of Peppa Pig, it’s a statement of how I have been suffering (if that’s the right word) with blurring of boundaries between my male and female lives. 1,694 more words