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Yes Ma'am

I have had this picture forever and have scrapped 3 ideas until finally enjoying this one. I liked the picture too much to just let it go.


Playing the opposite gender in games?

This episode of Game/Show came out in 2013, but is still really important. GameSpot recently did a set of videos about why people make the choices they do when they create a character in a video games. 134 more words

Video Game

RQ: Nami Bodysuit

Never done a bodysuit story before. The requester also wanted Luffy to enjoy the change. I did my best with the ‘enjoyment’ element since it isn’t my usual M.O.


Tome: Haste

Tome’s first victory. I always thought this power was kind of annoying so I crossed it off the list first. The set up is a bit far fetched but it is based on American comics.


Elijah Wood as a woman?

At around 1:50, Conan O’Brien shows Elijah Wood, for the first time, pictures of Wood as slutty women? What?

Sorry for almost missing the first day of Gender Bender week on the blog!


RQ: Spell Check

You see what I did there with the title? pretty clever huh? This was a requests asking for a wizard to mess up a spell. And yes they asked for that particular mistake.


Win or Lose 8.5

One of my readers pointed out a flaw in my captions. Damien kept his memories while Thomas and Harrison lost them. The rule is that if someone with the power has won an even amount of fights, they keep their memories and personality. 67 more words