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Fun Mixed Drinks That Are Just Vodka and Water

Wooooo! TGIF baby! It’s the freakin weekend and it’s time to get your mother effin drink on. 208 more words


Listen Whilst: Dear Friday

Listen whilst…

Dear Friday,

Joyous, beautiful Friday. Oh how I’ve longed for you. Gnawing at my teeth. Cringing at every early morning I’ve had to endure hoping and praying that you’d be there tomorrow to hold me and remind me that this is the last time for just a little while. 93 more words


Celebrate the Small Things!

It’s Friday again, time to celebrate – and better late than ever. I’ve had another long day, got quite a bit done, including the gym, housework, and lots of writing, most of it business writing – which is a phrase meaning writing lots of little things that someone will actually pay me for. 48 more words

The Writing Life

Unwelcome sensation

The train smells like asparagus pee today.


Our Friday Night Lineup 9/23/2016

The weekend is upon us and we have a great lineup to start it off right onThe Podcast Radio Network www.podcastradionetwork.net

At 6:30pm EST we have… 172 more words

Finally Friday

It has been a crazy week- between my catching the germs being spread throughout the classroom despite washing my hands every 5 minutes, leading to my first cold of the season, to dealing with six year old meltdowns for a variety of reasons, some having to do with how the head teacher chooses to discipline, leading to my running interference in order to avoid those meltdowns, and going to bed too late because I wanted to wind down by watching some TV, then becoming engrossed in reunions of Real Housewives which made me totally forget any drama going on in my classroom. 27 more words


Street Fashion Friday | Transition to Fall

Hey there lovelies! Fall is officially here! 🍁

This SFF is centered around taking those warm weather favorites & adding a little Fall flavor. Even tho it still feels like Summer in SoCal, I wanted to give some tips for those who are struggling to find some style balance while things start to cool down. 242 more words