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Eat It ALL Cookie Dough With Chick Peas!

When I was growing up, I would sneak into the fridge and take little bites out of the pre-made Pillsbury cookie dough my mom purchased. Every time I went back, I noticed even more little bits missing, so I know I wasn’t the only guilty one! 240 more words


...of road signs, new words & sunset on August...

…”Government task force set up to tackle ‘ghastly blight’ of road signs”…”Wine o’clock becomes a word in new Oxford dictionary’s latest update”…

something about “The aesthetics of roads have been neglected, and I do welcome any initiative to make things look better. 128 more words

It's Friday Bitches

It’s Friday and that means Let’s PARTAY. In my opinion all beer tastes like this picture suggests….Skunky and disgusting. If you were to find a bottle like this now and drank it I’m sure you would get more then just farts. 29 more words


TGIF v.21

The highs of my week were Norah sleeping 7-8 hours straight two nights in a row, having our new cable services hooked up, sushi lunch with my dad for his birthday on Monday. 508 more words



I didn’t post anything yesterday because there was a lot of ugly that happened this week- not to me personally, but I just wasn’t feeling great. 308 more words