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It's Friday... So What?

Everybody loves Friday! That’s why there’s an existing phrase as “Thank God It’s Friday” or TGIF.

But I wish my Friday is something way more cheerful. 87 more words


Lazy Fridays!

Τι κάναμε αυτό το μήνα στο Instagram;;  Όχι και πολλά, μάλλον τεμπελιάσαμε! Ίσως τώρα που καλοκαιριάζει να κινητοποιηθούμε! Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο!

A small recap of KBtP’s month on Instagram —promise to do better as summer draws in! Have a nice weekend!


Wishing Everyone a Great Friday! - The Tarot Pugs

Hope everyone has a great Friday and a good start to the weekend!

Tarot Break


Instructions for the weekend:

Stop for a moment this weekend and think about that stuff that made you truly happy as a child. Was it drawing? 98 more words


Happy Friday! Is anyone else going to AwesomeCon this weekend? I may or may not be stealing my own Scarlet Witch outfit.

My friends are really, really pretty and photogenic. 326 more words


Free Verse Friday, Art Studio and Life :D

It’s free verse Friday!! I love love love free verse Friday!


Peace garlands billowing in open windows

from winds stirring in ancient shade trees… 383 more words