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He Tired of Walkin on Eggshells

He Asks: “How long does one put up with eggshells on the ground?”

Don’t this heartbeat rock strong enough for you to stay sated? 240 more words


JUN 15 : 166/365

Interrupt anxiety with gratitude.

Value = (Reward x Probability of Success) / (Delay x Impulsiveness)

I took over 1,700 photos at my niece’s wedding last weekend, so forgive me if my motivation for this Project 365 is a little lacking this week. 

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TGIF: Eid Mubarak! Men in Pathani Suits!

I did a TON of research on this.  And turns out there is no such thing as a “Pathani suit”.  there are various specific things that it could be, traditional garb in the North Indian/Pakistani cultures, but what is generally called “Pathani” is really just loose Salwar and a very long Kameez. 359 more words

Fridaaaaay!… Look This Way 30

One Last Look!

We began the week with peonies.

We’ll end the week with peonies.

They are in their prime and survived a vigorous shaking by the 100 km/h winds. 96 more words

Elen Grey

TGIF: Thank God It's Frida(y)

I came across this beauty while walking to the ‘Introduction to Cannabis’ class my counterpart & I co-facilitate at the City College. Our course is for those continuing education and as soon as we get past the stigmas & taboos by discussing the complexity of the plant & its ~infinite~ uses, students usually open up about their aspirations regarding the magical herb. 261 more words


Phriday Filosophy

They were, even by today’s standards, some of the brightest and most educated men in the world.  They knew, as they wrote the Declaration of Independence and, later, the Constitution, that they were writing a document not just for the… 32 more words

A Cupcake and 12 Hours of Sleep

It’s been one of those weeks when every morning I wake up appalled that it’s not Friday. There’s been stress, headaches, sinus problems, lack of sleep, and not nearly enough coffee. 142 more words