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Here’s a scary thing: YouTube partnership. The appended video goes over the basics, aka “don’t panic, nothing really changes”. Although it does: honestly, giving away an undisclosed percent of my revenue to BBTV gets me access to some really nice analytics/metadata tools, an otherwise rather pricey music library I can use at will and several less useful things like possible merchandise. 48 more words


Lista oportunitatilor pierdute de cei care au cumparat actiuni DIGI

DIGI nu a reusit sa confirme dupa listare, prin evolutia pretului de piata, succesul relevat de gradul mare de suprasubscriere inregistrat in oferta. La finalul lunii in care si-a facut intrarea in piata pretul se zbate in jurul nivelului de 40 de lei, respectiv pretul de oferta. 299 more words

Economie, Bani Si Investitii

Castiguri mari de la companii mici in primul trimestru din 2017

Mai mult de jumatate dintre companiile listate pe piata reglementata a Bursei de Valori Bucuresti au inchis primul trimestru al anului 2017 in zona pozitiva. 15 dintre acestea au crescut cu peste 20%, iar cel mai mare castig l-au adus titlurile OIL Terminal, care si-au dublat valoarea. 693 more words

Economie, Bani Si Investitii

dayy 13!

day 13! It’s been a while since I started to volunteer at The Grand Newsstand. It is always good to be here – read zines from amazing artists and make new friends! 36 more words


day 12!

Beautiful sunny day! Finally, I got a chance to read RESIST! newspaper. This is amazing. Please get a copy if you haven’t. This reminded me that there are people who care about what I care. 79 more words


day 11 :)

 happy 2017!!!! e is back to The Grand Newsstand! EBABZ was amazingly fun and e got to talk about ME(め) projects and zine culture in the bay area at Tokyo Zine Party – X’mas Edition – on the Christmas day! 92 more words


day 10!

 WINTER IS HERE! It’s been a while since the last time I was here – my-day-before-birthday party at tgn (day 9)! The sky is dark after 5pm and I turned on the little light inside the newsstand :) A lot of new zines! 41 more words