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Urmatoarele 12-18 luni vor apartine companiilor relativ mici si ilichide

Astfel daca eternele “blue-chip-uri” sunt tranzactionate pe piata de la Bucuresti mai degraba in corelatie cu evolutiile indicilor si/sau companiilor similare de pe pietele internationale … companiile mici si relativ ilichide sunt mai degraba de analizat in corelatie cu evolutia economiei locale. 333 more words

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TGN day 6

People You May Know and ALL ABOUT ME(め) are available at The Grand Newsstand! Yay! And my friends stopped by and got some of zines :) Late in the day, the vender next to me gave me an apple from his garden! 40 more words


Day 5!

It’s chilly in San Francisco and E is back at The Grand Newsstand! There are many new titles on the shelf now :) Enjoy reading new zines today (I got two zines: Jiro dreams of sushi and Ikebana zine)! 64 more words



Thank you so much for stopping by our booth at kiosk fest! It was great to meet and talk to you in person! It was our first time to have ME(め) booth at festival and was all new to us! 264 more words


Day 4

Hello! I’m at The Grand Newsstand again! This is my first summer in San Francisco and I was surprised how chilly it is. Today is a bit warmer + sun is out, so perfect day to be outside! 75 more words


DAY 3!

The weather is beautiful today! Many people pass by and ask me questions: do you also make zines?, where are you from?, what’s this zine about?, what are zines?, do you know how to get to ___?, and etc… I also ask questions: are you visiting SF?, do you make zines too?, what kind of zines have you made?, and so on. 68 more words


TGN day 2!

Day 2 at the newsstand! Today was super slow… but I used the time to work on some design for our project! Oh, a woman put two bagels on the zine machine and left. 47 more words