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Sw@40kg x10 *3/3

TGU @42kg x1/1 *5  PR. Now I just have to do it in half the time :-)

A1. Indian clubs x1min
A2. rope skip x1min

Simple And Sinister


Wk.Lg x50 /bear wk x50 *3
BG ring rows x10 /Dands x10/ meel x7kg x5/5 *3 sets

Sw @40kg x5/5 *4, 10L,10R All sets done in split stance. 8 more words


Turkish Get Ups

A seriously taxing movement when enough weight is added! Note to self, ensure you have enough space behind you with a barbell!


Fitness, Durability

Case for the Turkish Get Up in Rehab

As rehab professionals we are all well aware at how many (most) individuals, especially those in pain/ chronic pain, lose the ability to perform movement patterns that toddlers so easily perform.   344 more words