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Arguing over jester? Read this first. Then grow up, and shut up!

There is one thing lately that has been bothering me enough to write this post. The fighting over something so silly as the jester. Yes, it’s a bloody battle on Twitter, and both sides are wrong. 311 more words


Bully: @ShadowDXS vs American Patriot: @Th3J35t3r

I came in a little late on this one given the bullshit drama that I’m dealing with (as evidenced in this blog lol) however, I’ve been watching this battle between the witless (@ShadowDXS) and the witty (@Th3J35t3r) for a couple of days. 1,450 more words




sitting in my chair in front of my computer where everything begins and everything ends smoking cigarette and drinking my 5th cup of coffee its  only 8pm and i  know that Night just begins cold and dark just as the web in its early days when the internet freedom looked like freedom and not like a new CIA NSA FBI Gloogle and etc tool for spying on people yes me you and everyone else a shiny large  golden cell but still cell but there are people a small group of people that realise that truth they are unseen and unknown some think of them as terrorists others think that they are modern freedom fighters they can sit right next to you or in the next room they look normal they act normal but give them computer smart phone or other tech as simple as that and they will show you the reality of the world they are known as Hackers be not fooled this group looks more like a cake with hundred layers and each one have its unique flavour but im not going to tell you the story of the hackers but one person a person which is best described as a hacker activist or hacktivist loved and hated by many a mask a fiction or not this is the true untrue  story of the greatest person i once known my enemy and my friend under a different name but did i ? 53 more words


@Th3j35t3r : The Fastest Gun In The West

Why am I writing about th3j35t3r in a blog which focuses on cyberharassment and cyberbullies?

I’ve been monitoring his Twitter feed for a long time now and frankly I can’t think of anyone online right now that is more targeted by Tards than this guy/gal/group. 2,255 more words


The Jester's Site back Online - Questions Remain

The Jester’s site is back! After being redirected to a DHS “Domain Seized” webpage for a couple days, The Jester’s site is now unceremoniously back. 116 more words