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Gratitude for the Church

To fail to associate ourselves in a lasting and committed way with the Head of the church by joining his body is surely a sign of ingratitude, whether from an uninformed or a dull heart. 184 more words


Sweet Quotes That Help Me Grow Closer To King Jesus 9

“The fallen world misuses authority & lies about well used.
Satan’s basic lie to Adam & Eve was that God couldn’t
really love them & tell them no”—Mark Dever. 493 more words

Inspiring Quotes

What does healthy church membership look like?

I have previously written about why we should not baptise those who would not join the church in membership. We noted that baptism was biblically and historically considered to be your entrance to the visible, local church. 1,230 more words

Consider others...

I read this quote today: “This election was a referendum on the echo chamber, and the echo chamber won. We can choose now to retreat once again into those echo chambers or begin to listen more attentively to one another—to love our neighbors by learning about them and their needs and perspectives whether black, white, Asian, or Latino/a; whether Christian, Muslim, or none; whether upper, middle, or working class; whether voter or one of the nearly half of eligible voters that sat out this election. 527 more words

The Church

How to Achieve Racial Solidarity -- Apply Ben Franklin's Racism

When Thabiti Anyabwile complains about white evangelicals voting for Donald Trump, he should remember that Ben Franklin defined racial solidarity differently than the Washington DC pastor does. 124 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum

"Do Muslims and Christians Worship the same God?"

In an article for the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies Dr. Jerry Rankin writes concerning the question “Do Muslims and Christians Worship the same God?” 935 more words