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Huajai mai hai kwam ruam meu (OST Paen rai phai rak)

Song : หัวใจไม่ให้ความร่วมมือ – The heart isn’t cooperating
Artist : Preen

I was hurt, I was harmed,
I will remember that, I won’t have tears anymore…

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Kae roo wa ruk (OST Paen rai phai rak)

Song : แค่รู้ว่ารัก – I just know it’s love
Artist : Lipta

Can you believe that I have never met someone who truely loves me?

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Mai mee krai meun ter (OST Paen rai phai rak)

Song : ไม่มีใครเหมือนเธอ – No one is like you
Artist : หวิว ณัฐพนธ์  Wiw Nattapon

Since that minute, the minute someone like me hurt you…

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Ngao... kao jai (OST Paen rai phai rak)

Song : เหงา.. เข้าใจ – It’s lonely.. I understand
Artist : Film Rattapoom

I’m not being arrogant,
It’s not true, I’m not building a wall around me…

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[Eng sub] Parn Thanaporn - Peuan nai fan

This is Parn’s new MV that was released back in May. The MV is really cute. So is the song, it’s cheerful and quite different from her usual sad and emotional songs =) 113 more words

Eng Subs

Leh roy ruk ep.5 - Recaps

We pick up where we left in episode 4 : At the restaurant, Thawin is seeing images of the first time he met Tarn. He wonders why he only recalls the time he wanted to kiss her and nothing else. 2,055 more words


[Eng sub] ใกล้ตัวแต่ไกลหัวใจ (glai dtua dtae glai hua jai) - Taechin

Glai dtua dtae glai hua jai (Near you but far from your heart)

Ost. Leh roy ruk

Click below for viewing the English subbed MV and for grabbing it.

Eng Subs