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Thai Cashew Sauce / Dressing

Raw Cashews are amazing little nuts.  Besides being a great snack, the raw cashew can be blended up into a creamy paste, or sauce, and used to make all sorts of delicious foods and sauces.  129 more words


Spring Rolls

Originally Published on YummYmummyKitchen.com  on February 18, 2018 By Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Find out how to make healthy veggie spring or summer rolls with this easy recipe! 1,256 more words

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Thai Peanut Shrimp with Rainbow Veggies

By now it’s pretty clear I like to make meals with healthy substitutes for our favorite ingredients. That’s why when I found carrot noodles at Trader Joes today I just had to try them and use them for my next blog post :) Like zucchini noodles, carrot noodles are a lighter take on regular spaghetti and are very versatile in the types of dishes they can be used in. 316 more words


Thai Inspired Peanut Sauce Noodles

This recipe was actually a very very happy accident that stemmed from a failed recipe. I had a craving for some delicious jjajangmyun/Korean black bean noodles that a restaurant near home makes. 626 more words

Thai Pineapple Veggie Peanut Bowl

We LOVE some Thai food around here!  For me, I enjoy making it at home versus going to a restaurant… but that’s just me!  This dish is super delicious and really quick to make once all of the veggies are chopped up.  332 more words

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Thai Peanut Sauce

I really hope you’re not allergic to peanut butter because this sauce is nothing short of life changing.  When I first tasted it, all I wanted to do was eat it with a spoon.  127 more words

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June Cooking Class - Buddha Bowls

July 15, 2017

Thanks to Shirley for taking on the June cooking class while I visited my grandchildren. The theme of her class was Buddha Bowls. 917 more words

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