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What is a Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient sacred bodywork that incorporates rhythmic motion, energy line work, gentle stretching and assisted yoga postures into a comprehensive healing modality.   75 more words

Teaching My First Yoga Class

One of the highlights of Thai Yoga Massage Training was, as I mentioned, teaching my first yoga class. We’d been doing Tai Chi as our morning practice but with three days left, the Tai Chi teacher left. 182 more words

My First Thai Yoga Massage

Clinique Masso-Soma

I had the opportunity to try my first Thai Yoga Massage at Clinique Masso-Soma. The last time I had a massage was in November and my tired and sore muscles were due for some care and attention after months of daily physical yoga and pilates practice. 812 more words

Turquoise Compass

Culture Shock or When in Thailand, do as the Thai do

Before leaving for Chiang Mai, my dad, being the dutiful and ever loving parent that he is, reminded me that human trafficking is alive and well in Thailand. 1,762 more words

What are some of the benefits of Thai massage?

Unlike the Swedish massage of the West that concentrates on the physical side of the body through kneading of muscles, the full body Thai massage uses a mixture of techniques that’s found in western physical therapy like trigger purpose treatments, myofascial techniques, neuromuscular therapy and manual therapy. 260 more words

Full Body Massage

Self Love - Thai Yoga Massage

February is SELF LOVE month in Turino Fitness land.  This is the month to be your own Valentine.  To seek out ways to treat yourself kindly and shower your beautiful self with care. 698 more words



Recently I was lucky enough to travel to northern Thailand to train at the ITM massage school in Chiang Mai. It is a lovely building on the edge of the old city where, in the traditional Thai way, everybody has to wash their feet before entering. 115 more words

Thai Yoga Massage