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Spicy Thai Pumpkin Soup - Anti-Inflammatory

Hello to all, and welcome to the first ever food-y post of Summative Seasoning! Thanks to uni pressures and way-to-early-for-any-reasonable-person-but-letting-agencies-are-mean househunting stress, I’ve been baking a cooking up a storm. 1,138 more words


World Curry

Sometimes finding a variety of vegetarian/vegan eateries are slim pickings but in various big cities-where the culinary innovations are widely explored-there are some wonderfully unique & untapped gems. 64 more words

La Vie

thai salad with ginger peanut dressing

This salad is everything you’ve ever wanted in a salad, and more! You get the healthy from all those veggies, and the semi unhealthy from the glorious eat with a spoon stuff your face PEANUT dressing! 112 more words


Lukewarm Asian salad w/ steak topping (and vegan variations)

Yesterday we had a little event at work, where -as usual- some things were left over. There were these perfectly grilled steaks, but nobody wanted to take grilled ones at home. 511 more words


cauliflower fried rice and thai basil chicken

I love rice! It’s very hard to eat rice and stay fit though, so I discovered an alternative; cauliflower rice. Thank you to whoever invented this marvelous creation! 230 more words


Thai Red Curry

Recipe and image from here

Deviations and other notables
– used 2 tbsp of liquid coconut oil (I heated up the solid stuff too much; unsure if these measurements are for solid or liquid coconut oil) 318 more words


Vai trò của canxi và phốt pho đối với xương và thai kỳ

Canxi & phốt pho trong xương

  • 99% lượng canxi trong cơ thể nằm ở xương.
    85% lượng phốt pho trong cơ thể được thấy ở xương.
  • 652 more words
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