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Ludusport Regalia, Symbology & The Like: The Owl

Every team needs a mascot, and every mascot needs a compelling silhouette.

Much of Ludusport’s graphic, philosophic and martial roots are Hellenistic in origin even while Ludus is a word of latin etymology that was used at the height of the influence of the Roman empire.

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Elliot Wave Theory & The Virtue of Failure

“I look down on mountains from a cresting wave.

I look up again from under,

the water recedes at odds,

the trend an even number.” 1,352 more words


Is The Jab As Important In MMA As It Is In Boxing? Part 2

And now that you have borne witness to two gods vaulting into the skies, and those self-same skies weeping with profuse admiration-admittedly, and hopefully this won’t tarnish my tough guy bonafides, I well up every time I watch that fight.   1,231 more words


Ludusport Regalia, Symbology & The Like: The Banner

The Roman Ludus is a precursor to the modern, mixed martial arts combat training academy.  Those of you who have found this blog will likely be familiar with the gladiator games of the Ancient Roman Coliseum, the brutality of blade and political wrangling, the bread and circuses of yesteryear.  559 more words


The 4 Most Important Things About Muay Thai That I Learned From Watcharachai Kaewsamrit

Watcharachai showing me how to properly celebrate Songkran

January 2012 was my very first trip to Thailand to study the real Muay Thai. I was extremely fortunate to land myself in the sure hands of Muay Thai legend Watcharachai Kaewsamrit for 6 months. 1,820 more words


Muay Thai

Bet you didn’t have me down as a Thai boxer did you? Well thats because I’m not. But I have been Thai boxing for a few months now, and it’s safe to say it has changed my life. 452 more words

Favorite Muay Thai Gym in BKK

I remember when I first wanted to try out Muay Thai, a lot of my friends were asking me why do you want to do that? 541 more words