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Christmas in Hua Hin

On Christmas Eve, I thought the best place to perhaps see some kind of Christmas-y activity would be at Market Village mall, where most of the farang shop. 426 more words

In search of pickled ginger

I’m not much of a sushi fan, but those who are know about pickled ginger. I’ve never thought much about it, or ate it, until a recent revelation. 431 more words

The 90-day report

As an immigrant using a one-year “O” visa, I am required to report to immigration every 90 days. I can do this up to 15 days before the due date or within 7 days after. 227 more words

A Weekend in the Big BKK

After a short week that felt surprisingly long…I was bound on an overnight bus for Bangkok at 8:30 pm Friday night. Bound for delayed birthday celebrations for my friend Annie. 1,880 more words


24 hours in Bangkok, Thailand

Hopefully you get more time in Bangkok but on the rare occasion you only have about 24 hours there, here are a few things that I recommend. 651 more words


Photos: Malaysia inaugurates its new king in a lavish ceremony

In Malaysia, even the monarchy has term limits.

The country’s unique constitutional monarchy ensures there’s a new ruler at the throne¬†every five years. The ceremonial ruler is rotated among nine of 13 states that have hereditary royal rulers. 199 more words