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Visiting ´The Beach´: is it worth the hype?

“The first I´d heard of the beach was in Bangkok, on the Khao San Road” – Alex Garland ´The Beach´ (1996)

Since the release of the 2000 film, ´The Beach´, Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Leh has been an absolute hot-spot for tourists, all eager to experience the paradise portrayed on the screen.

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thailand budget

$1USD=34 Baht

Hey Y’all! Here’s our budget from Thailand. After we got robbed, we did keep costs down to about $15 a day including our hotel, but before this we were spending about $25-40 a day. 435 more words


Crown Lanta Revisited

It has been a very busy month – between visitors, holidays and work I genuinely don’t know where the past 6 weeks have gone. Well I do…mainly eating, drinking and holidaying but that’s besides the point. 737 more words


22 hour journey to Koh Lanta, Krabi

It felt so good putting on a backpack again! In search of tranquil islands, this time we had our eyes on Koh Lanta. It took us a year to get round to sorting the photos from this trip because we had such a great time we took thousands of pictures as if the finger was stuck to the shutter button. 1,164 more words


Looking for Leo on Koh Phi Phi

Our next stop was back to island life, and one I was particularly looking forward to – Koh Phi Phi. It’s actually two islands; the one where people live and visit is Phi Phi Don, and the smaller, un-habited island is Phi Phi Ley.   661 more words


Krabin' around in Krabi

To be honest, I am pretty embarrassed at how long it has taken to post this. Life has been full of crazy long days and lots of documentaries post-school hours. 2,111 more words