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The Weekly Crust - Bangkok!

Like many travelers, Stove and I have a running list of “Things We Would Never Do” while traveling.  Some items on our list include things like … don’t ever harass our French waiter who may or may not have forgotten you exist after serving your dinner 3 hours ago or getting upset if someone we are trying to talk to does not speak English (we’ve heard a lot of tourists gripe about this and it is one of our biggest pet-peeves!). 492 more words


Day 508 (Thailand Day 55)

I rode to Tak along the eastern side of Ping River, open fields and undulating hills taking me ever closer to the range that lies between Tak and Mae Sot. 260 more words


Walking Street in Pattaya Is To St. Pauli in Hamburg

I was on a cruise ship on its world cruise voyage when I had my shot to see and experience Walking Street. We arrived in the port of Laem Chabang, a large port closest to Bangkok and to the beach resort town of Pattaya. 179 more words


Boat Noodle at Gandaria City

I’ve only had boat noodles at two places: one in First Thai, Shanghai and the second one is here in Gandaria City, Jakarta. Both have distinctive tastes in their broths, but the one here has stronger flavours and also thicker broth consistency. 181 more words


Thailand, Part 3

It feels like being in Thailand was forever ago. Not just a few months past, but years. The hustle of the everyday has snuck back into my life, and don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying every second, but the memories of a place on the other side of the world feel just beyond the tips of my fingers. 1,111 more words


Koh Tao, paradise time! (Thailand)

So finally, we decided to spent the night at Phitsanulok to don’t miss the early flight​. And thanks God for that because we had the best meal of the whole trip I would say, just next to the ‘Royal Palace’ hotel (more information here) in a place called Ava (you definitely need to try the delicious fresh food they make!) 66 more words

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