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Thermoregulation control in the brain

Different Sensory Pathways Engaged in Feeling and Responding to External Temperature

Summary: Researchers shed light on thermoregulation by disabling parts of rat brains and observing their choice of a comfortable environmental temperature. 823 more words


Learning to Read & The Brain

Anything to do with the brain, science and reading has me hooked from page one. Yesterday, Torah Kuchar (@DrTorahKachur) did exactly this when she reported through the CBC in a piece called “New research reveals what happens when adults learn to read.” 240 more words

ERTAS: The Engine of Consciousness

Part Of: Demystifying Consciousness sequence
Content Summary: 800 words, 8 min read

Existential Mode Generators

In Why We Sleep, we discussed sleep architecture… 824 more words

Cognitive Science

An Old Enemy and a New Friend

I’m back and rearing to go. Only I can’t move. I severely injured my back, or maybe reinjured it, and it’s got me immobile and miserable. 643 more words

Dual inhibitory of thalamocortical circuits

Speaker: Acsády László
Dept. of Cellular and Network Biol., Hungarian Ac.
Subject: Dual inhibitory of thalamocortical circuits.
Location: Queridozaal (Erasmus MC)
Date: 31-10-2016

Author: Kristian Blom… 686 more words