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An Old Enemy and a New Friend

I’m back and rearing to go. Only I can’t move. I severely injured my back, or maybe reinjured it, and it’s got me immobile and miserable. 643 more words

Dual inhibitory of thalamocortical circuits

Speaker: Acsády László
Dept. of Cellular and Network Biol., Hungarian Ac.
Subject: Dual inhibitory of thalamocortical circuits.
Location: Queridozaal (Erasmus MC)
Date: 31-10-2016

Author: Kristian Blom… 686 more words

Breathlessness & the Brain

Breathlessness can be many things. For example, it can be the shortness of breath after exercise – short-lived and laced with endorphins – or it can be the frightening gasping for breath experienced by patients with a range of diseases from cardiac failure and cancer to respiratory disease. 1,600 more words


Brain system of emotion, and how to manage anxiety

Hey guys, I hope you’re all keeping well! :D It goes without saying that my blogging hasn’t been the most prolific lately, which I apologise for (things have been crazy busy), but there’s nothing like a new post popping up out of the blue either, eh? 994 more words

Endorphin Stew

frequency selective control of cortical networks by thalamus using optogenetics

Posted comment on ´Frequency-selective control of cortical and subcortical networks by central thalamus` by  J. Liu, H.J. Lee, A.J. Weitz, Z. Fang, P. Lin, M. Choy, R. 2,060 more words

Ultrasound helps re-start brain of man in coma

KurzweilAI reports on the use of ultrasound to target a specific part of the brain – the thalamus – in an attempt to restart brain activity of a man in a coma. 71 more words


UCLA doctors make history 'jump-starting' brain of 25-year-old coma patient.

  • Currently, post-coma patients require life-threatening brain surgery
  • A new test by UCLA used new device to pulse ultrasound into the brain
  • The scientists targeted the sensory hub (thalamus) with 10 pulses…
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