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The brain-computer duel: Do we have free will?

Our choices seem to be freer than previously thought. Using computer-based brain experiments, researchers studied the decision-making processes involved in voluntary movements. The question was: Is it possible for people to cancel a movement once the brain has started preparing it? 19 more words


Dream Machine

I find AI to be such an interesting subject, it’s a whole new adventure, no one really knows how its going to work, but lots of people have ideas. 1,371 more words


Scientists find clues about how the brain filters out distractions

Source: Scientists find clues about how the brain filters out distractions – Medical News Today

Researchers believe they have discovered which part of the brain helps people to ignore distractions, according to research published in… 736 more words


The many layers of the neocortex

Speaker: Randy M. Bruno

Department: Dept. of Neuroscience

Subject: The many layers of the neocortex

Location: EMC Rotterdam

Date: 5 October 2015

Author: Carolien Bastiaanssen… 856 more words

a day in the life: ms patient, anatomy teacher.

Just a few days ago, I was giving one of my anatomy lectures about the brain. Now and then, I’ll be in the middle of lecture prep, and even when I’m in the middle of a topic I’ve read about a dozen times, a “new discovery” about myself hits me. 320 more words

Seeing With The Tongue

Paper: Seeing With The Tongue | Journal Publication: ‘‘Seeing’’ through the tongue cross-modal plasticity

How it Works

– A strip of electrodes are placed on the tongue (this being the “electrotactile” positioning) 250 more words