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Pink Earth

You’ve probably walked right over this lichen a million times and perhaps even thought it was a fungus. To all appearances, Dibaeis baeomyces appears to be colonies of tiny, pink mushrooms, but in fact, those aren’t mushrooms – they are the fruiting bodies, or apothecia, of a lichen (fungus + alga or cyanobacterium) known as “Pink Earth.” If you look closely at these 1/8” bubblegum-colored structures, you’ll see that they are at the apex of tiny stalks that grow out of a gray crusty matter, which is actually the body, or thallus, of the lichen. 38 more words


3 Hours of Darkness

I know it might be difficult with winter looming, but imagine for a second that it is a beautiful spring day.  It is your day off from work and you’re outside enjoying the glorious sunshine.  1,745 more words

Thallus & Phlegon on Christ

[#6 in a Series on Non-Biblical References to Jesus]
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Historical Jesus

Name UL- Seventeen With Rap Dreams

Wellingtonian Hip Hop artist Name UL says, “I feel when I’m rapping I’m contributing to the culture of hip hop. I’m rapping with a beat and people were doing it 10 years ago; people are doing it right now in New York, LA, Europe, Asia – and I’m in Wellington, New Zealand.” 2,728 more words


Thallus - To Gain Volatility

Somewhere between instrumental Hip-Hop, Downtempo and Wonky, there is Thallus from Germany. “To Gain Volatility” is not his newest project, but “May The Heart Be At The Right Place” alone is worth your time and harddrive space. 43 more words

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