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Ruffled Freckle Pelt

Lichen are composite organisms consisting of a fungus living together in a symbiotic relationship with a photosynthetic partner – green algae, cyanobacteria or both. The photosynthetic partner (photobiont) provides food for the fungus (mycobiont), which in return provides protection from excessive light and dessication as well as a “home” for the photobiont. 197 more words

Nature Photography

Isus Hristos este un personaj istoric, domnule Paulkovich

Am rămas de-a dreptul stupefiat şi indignat în acelaşi timp când am dat peste un articol intitulat pompos „Iisus nu a existat niciodată, susţine un cercetător, care a analizat 126 de texte istorice”,  2,973 more words


Pink Earth

You’ve probably walked right over this lichen a million times and perhaps even thought it was a fungus. To all appearances, Dibaeis baeomyces appears to be colonies of tiny, pink mushrooms, but in fact, those aren’t mushrooms – they are the fruiting bodies, or apothecia, of a lichen (fungus + alga or cyanobacterium) known as “Pink Earth.” If you look closely at these 1/8” bubblegum-colored structures, you’ll see that they are at the apex of tiny stalks that grow out of a gray crusty matter, which is actually the body, or thallus, of the lichen. 38 more words


3 Hours of Darkness

I know it might be difficult with winter looming, but imagine for a second that it is a beautiful spring day.  It is your day off from work and you’re outside enjoying the glorious sunshine.  1,745 more words

Thallus & Phlegon on Christ

[#6 in a Series on Non-Biblical References to Jesus]
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Historical Jesus