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China Is A Threat? Just Look At Who's Talking!

PQC: Folks, I did explain to my readers the reason why I have to, I need to, and I must use swearing words! And that using swearing words is a necessity these days. 490 more words

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#FYI: Can Taiwan Resist China's Power and Influence? | Foreign Correspondent

ABC News (Australia)

Published on Aug 13, 2019

Is Taiwan the region’s next and perhaps bigger flashpoint? As protests in Hong Kong take to the streets to fight the rising power of China, a younger generation of Taiwanese is also confronting an increasingly hardline attitude from its nearest neighbour. 366 more words

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Jeffrey Epstein was sent three 12-year-old French girls as ‘birthday gift’

PQC: You see folks, I’ve told you countless times that THEY ‘ve made people poor and kept them poor so that THEY can exploit the poor for their entertainment! 689 more words

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What Do These Hongkongers Know That We, The Outsiders Do Not Know?

PQC: Do these brave Hongkongers know something we don’t know? They seem to be very confident on what they have been doing with high triumphant spirit. 212 more words

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Hong Kong: Chaos Before the Order

PQC: Folks, One thing you MUST ASK yourselves, WHY HAVE the HongKong protesters DELIBERATELY SHOWED THEMSELVES AS AMERICAN STOOGE with big, big, very big Yankee’s flag (and British Flag as well)? 1,936 more words

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Hong Kong: 1.7 Million Protesters Rally for 11th Straight Weekend

Protest organisers in Hong Kong say more than 1.7 million anti-government demonstrators have rallied through the night.
They showed up despite the heavy rain, in one of the largest gatherings since June. 20 more words

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