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- 150 - making stuff...

So this week I had all good intentions of talking to you guys loads… and then I lost two whole days with the mother of all headaches.   299 more words


Thank Me Later: Things NOT To Do On and/or After A First Date

I would call myself a pretty well-seasoned first dater. I have been on a lot of first dates. Which may say something about myself or the people I’ve gone on dates with, but nevertheless, I think I am an amateur expert on them. 1,292 more words


- 139 - apple cake

Not an apple pie, not an apple tart… just a simple, old fashioned apple cake.


In my old and tattered cookery book there’s the copy of an email that my mother sent me on Nov 18, 2000.   320 more words

Thank Me Later

- 138 - giant knitting

I’m probably the last person to jump on the giant knitting bandwagon… but better late than never, right?  I’ve always admired the oversized wool from afar but it was only when I saw one first hand at… 253 more words


- 137 - hydrangea wreath

I love wreaths on doors.  I love how they make doors more friendly, how they mark the change of the seasons or express the personality of the owners or simply make things prettier. 307 more words


- 134 - postcards from Tuscany

I’m writing this wearing a huge wool cardigan and looking at the grey sky through the kitchen window.  We arrived back home yesterday afternoon… under the rain… and whilst for a split second the fresh air was welcome after the torrid heat of Italy, the novelty factor soon wore off. 274 more words


- 122 - a trip to the reclamation yard

Who doesn’t love a good reclamation yard?

When Mr M dragged my out of bed this morning to keep him company I might have winged a little (in my excuse I was hungry… I’m never good before breakfast). 122 more words

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