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- 2018/10 - a trip to IKEA

Last week I popped into IKEA with my parents; they were looking for a bookshelf and a guest bed, and I was under instructions from No 2 to purchase a new desk. 337 more words

Thank Me Later

- 2018/6 - a treat

I have a love hate relationship with the sheer amount of ‘sales’ happening this time of the year.

‘Love’ because let’s face it… who doesn’t enjoy saving a few pennies, but also ‘hate’ – actually ‘resentment’ would be a more accurate description – because there’s a sort of subliminal pressure in having to buy ‘in order to save’ (which is a ridiculous turn of affairs) and also sometimes the discounts are so huge I feel like we were taken for a ride if we’d bought at full price. 332 more words

Thank Me Later

- 185 -

The first thing I did when I got up this morning was painting my toe nails.  Coral Pink.  And I put on a layer of clear ‘gel’ to make it last longer too. 478 more words

Life For A While

- 183 - must read

The coldest morning of the year so far.

Hand knitted socks, Lotta tunic in Nani Iro and big cardigan.  Scarf.

Before I get started with today’s list I must tell you about the latest book I read:  ‘The Essex Serpent”. 294 more words


Drake's Timeline

  1. Late 80s: Aubrey Drake Graham was born on October 24th, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was raised by his mother, because his father moved to Memphis, Tennessee after their divorce, when he was five years old.
  2. 433 more words

- 166 - Louise Bourgeois

… One more post about my trip and then I’ll stop, I promise!

I didn’t know much about the sculptor Louise Bourgeois aside from her giant spider sculptures and her later life visceral prints… as a matter of fact one of her spiders was on show at the MoMA and boy, that thing was HUGE.   217 more words


- 165 - postcards from New York

Last day.Horrid weather.  Drenching.  Grey.  Dark. (New York has always got a certain charm but I didn’t have the right shoes that’s for sure…)

So after packing up our suitcases we decided to go to a museum;  and what a remarkably unoriginal idea it turned out to be. 149 more words