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- 122 - a trip to the reclamation yard

Who doesn’t love a good reclamation yard?

When Mr M dragged my out of bed this morning to keep him company I might have winged a little (in my excuse I was hungry… I’m never good before breakfast). 122 more words

Life For A While

One Of The Strippers Drake Tried To 'Retire' Went On A Rant About His Judgmental Past

Drake retired Lira, Miracle & Maliah jerseys @ the strip club during HAW weekend …that's sooo Drake lol …gotta love this guy😭 pic.twitter.com/TEFhsUrHRd

— Trev aka TrevVanzant (@TheTTT333) …

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- 78 - summer snood

… I realise it sounds a little bit “oxymoronish”… but if you do live in England you understand… right?

“Summer” is often an “idea” more than reality… which is ok, there are other benefits… like you never wear out your sandals for example (they last for years….), and sometimes you do need a light snood to shelter your neck from the Arctic winds that seem to blow everytime you’re at a cricket match (which in my case is 3 or 4 days of the week.   75 more words


- 54 - clogs

When I was younger ‘clogs’ were our summer shoes.  The feeling of bare feet on the wooden sole, the feeling of being taller… the clippety cloppety noise…  it reminds me of my childhood.   274 more words

Thank Me Later

- 48 - Pop Art in Print, The Wilson Museum

Last night Mr M and I had a mini date before going off to separate engagements.  Me to the theatre with a friends, him to dinner with an old mate. 113 more words

Thank Me Later

- 36 - ... thank me later...

So, let’s talk wrapping paper…

I like the stuff and I tend to have a few rolls stuffed in an Ikea metal bin in a corner of my studio.   242 more words

Thank Me Later

Why I'm Giving Drake A Second Chance

by: Drew Allen//

I’ll never forget where I was the first time I heard Drake’s “Over.” My boyfriend and I were driving around, it was a sunny March afternoon and I was squinting from the sun in my eyes. 1,058 more words

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