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- 2018/166 - small steps

Just quick one today… crazy week, don’t make me go there, we would all be sorry…

I’ve been meaning to mention these things for ages because I think they’re really good. 408 more words

Thank Me Later

- 2018/164 - clay pigeon shooting

… you know when a bored friend sends you a random email suggesting a random activity and you’re bored too so you accept and the main reason is that because you’re both probably having a middle age existential crisis? 460 more words

Life For A While

- 2018/162 - individual sticky toffee puddings

I had never heard of sticky toffee pudding before coming to England and because I’ve always been a chocolate girl it took me years to try it; that was a gross error of judgment.   555 more words

Thank Me Later

- 2018/138 - a weekend away

I’m back.

I’m tired.

I’d like to get back to bed but I have a lunch date with a friend, a laundry room that is so full I need to excavate the washing machine in order to use it, half a dozen 13yr olds coming later on this afternoon for a get together (they’re not call parties anymore…) and a list of calls to make as long as my arm.   263 more words

Life For A While

- 2018/136 - small steps

As a family of five we drink a lot of milk everyday, probably 2 to 3 pints each day and sometimes more and I was starting to feel guilty about the amount of plastic we were bringing into the house.   250 more words

Thank Me Later

- 2018/132 - last postcards from Paris

You will be glad to see this is the last post about our stay in Paris… as I’m writing this I’m sitting at my kitchen table at home having just been food shopping, having sorted out a locksmith because our front door won’t let us out, sorted out the gate people because they didn’t show up, I’m on the second load of washing and the ironing pile is mounting up.   542 more words

Life For A While

Drake 2018

There’s probably 3 ways I would rate an album. One is percentage of songs liked on the album, another is simply total number of songs liked on the album, and more scientifically you could apply some weight to each song depending on how much you like it and build your rating scale that way. 287 more words