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*41* musings

I originally started this post moaning about being in a kind of funk. Too many thoughts. Never a good thing.

And then I thought, no. Funk, schmunk…. 262 more words

Life For A While

*38* wellbeing

Do you use make up? I do… not much, but I do, just enough to stop people from saying I look ill or tired or both, which is something they do when I don’t. 467 more words

Thank Me Later

*34* random stuff

Today I have no lessons (something to do with ‘activity week’? whatever, I’m going to catch up with a friend and that’s good enough for me. 170 more words

Thank Me Later

*28* Becoming

Becoming by Michelle Obama

What an inspiring read.

I part read/part listened to this book and I’m really sad I’ve finished it. It’s an autobiography, a genre I’m not really a huge fan of, but I was intrigued and fascinated by her all through her stay at the White House and so, the hype behind the publication notwithstanding, I had to read it. 98 more words


*27* wellbeing

In my ongoing quest to use less plastic (and subconsciously drive the boys mad) I re-directed my attention to shampoos. Always in unavoidable plastic bottles (… I get it, glass in the shower could be hazardous… eye roll) and always needed. 493 more words

Life For A While

*20* scrappy socks

Let’s talk about something frivolous. I’ve done a lot of reading lately for College. Heavy stuff… actually ‘heavy’ is the wrong word… it was more like eye opening reading and what I saw wasn’t pretty… and I’ll have to think about it a little more before starting a conversation on this platform. 263 more words

Thank Me Later

*15* wellbeing

In my quest for ‘less waste’ I made myself try another everyday product in a different format, conscious that sometimes we get stuck in our ways and assume – (makes an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me’… they boys love it when I say that… not) – that how it should be, full stop. 309 more words

Thank Me Later