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A Thank You and Sorry Letter to Myself

Probably, most people wrote a Thank You and Sorry Letter to their Parent/s or ex partners or present maybe… But for me I want to grab this chance to say something to myself who’s been working hard for the past few months just to make it to the end of the semester, and who probably needs a little encouragement to make it through every pain and struggle. 467 more words

Deepest Gratitude

In life, there are times when we feel so grateful to God for giving us a lot. For letting us meet people that we didn’t know, someday we’d be thankful for. 457 more words

Thank You Letter

A Thank You Letter♥♥♥

To my beloved parents,💑

In our life we need a parent, they are the one that could help you to encourage, to improve yourself, to support and loving you. 366 more words

Thank You Letter

Thank You! ♥ ♥ ♥

This thank you letter is for my favorite teacher in Our Lady Of Fatima University
Her name  is Rheaxena Gorres A.K.A. “Selena Gomez” ng Our Lady Of Fatima University… 167 more words

To: Mom and Dad

To Mom and Dad thank you for everything that you’ve done for us. Sorry if sometimes we are irresponsible in the house and playing computer at midnight even though we have classes tomorrow. 115 more words

Thank You Letter

Gracious Gift

Dear Mom & Dad,

“I can take all the suffers, I can give my whole life just to make sure that both of you are safe. 332 more words

Thank You Letter

My Wonder Woman and Super Man

To Mom and Dad,

Hi, Mom and Dad! First of all, I want to thank both of you for who I am now. You guys were the only one who protects us and teach us how to be a good person. 246 more words

Thank You Letter