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Happy Mother's Day to my mother.

When you look at yourself and look at your life, how many people would you actually include in a thank you list?

Imagine now that you are facing difficulties, that your life is tough for whatever reason, and that you now more than ever need someone in your corner. 1,123 more words


Thank You #1

I have never really believed in God or miracles or even that good things happen to good people. These beliefs, or lack there of, have only strengthened in the last few months. 178 more words


To My Dear Best Friend,

Okay, I don’t have the guts to say this in person so maybe I’ll write it instead.

I am very thankful to have someone that I can count on whatever happens. 458 more words


Swan Song - Words That Say Goodbye

Hello there,

Maybe this would be my final message to you so I’m telling you everything as much as I remember .

It’s been two years since we’ve meet and during those span of time we’re busy making a lot of memories . 191 more words


A Letter To The One Who Played You

Dear (insert asshole’s name here; but for now we’ll go with-) Douche Fuck,

I want to start out with saying fuck you. That felt good. Fuck you for being the biggest fuck face I have ever met, and fuck you for allowing me to believe that you actually gave a flying fuck about me. 262 more words


Contoh Orei Tegami (お礼手紙)/ Thank-You Letter









Haru no hi urarakana kyou kono goro, okawari ni arimasenka?

Senjitsu wa, omiyage o okutte kudasari, arigatou gozaimashita. 121 more words


New Year New Rules #BKORNOWAY

Greetings and Happy New Years Followers,

I just want to say thank you for making last year grand and interchangeable. Ride out with me the same way you did last year because 2015 will be better than the last. 109 more words

Briyana Kelly