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Being a mom

What people say is true. You don’t really appreciate your own mother, until you are a mother. Every time I do something like stay up all night with a sick child, clean up puke or worse, or other simple things like give a hug and a kiss I think, “I can’t believe my mom did all this for me, she loved me so much”. 147 more words

To Moms of Adult Children: You Are Not Forgotten

“When I stopped seeing my mother with the eyes of a child, I saw the woman who helped me give birth to myself.” Nancy Friday…

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Falling only makes us stronger

最近看到這個video叫”Falling only makes us stronger”在fb上被瘋傳,觸動很多人的心靈,你們先看看。

非常有emotional appeal!炯叔叔看完後也有眼濕濕。這個video其實是P&G為2014年冬季奧運會拍的TVC,也是P&G的”Thank You Mom” campaign其中一條片。


1)啊爸呢? - 點解呢D偉大野永遠都無papa份嘅?從來只有“世上只有媽媽好”,啊爸永遠被忽略(慘慘慘)。炯叔叔看過最讓感動的「父愛電影」是1997年的“Life is beautiful”, 片中的導演兼男主角Roberto Benigni也因為這電影贏了無數獎項(Benigni更贏了片中的女主角Nicoletta Braschi做老婆,真係「賺到盡」)。炯叔叔看了很多次,每一次看到最後是也哭得要死。。。

如果你沒有看過“Life is beautiful”,先看看下面的trailer。

2)邏輯有問題 - 那個TVC 最後的tagline是”Thank you mom for teaching us that falling only makes us stronger” 。對嗎? 73 more words