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A 'Thank you' note could solidify that job

A few months after I started my first job, I was at an office lunch my my coworkers and bosses. One of my bosses said that she’d heard I did well with my job interview. 229 more words


Dear Readers and Followers

My heart full thanks for my dear R&F. I’m so excited to see that you all like my posts. In fact you are all amazing bloggers with tons of beauty held in your blogs. 112 more words


Guide to Writing Great Thank-You Notes

What’s in a thank-you note? Obviously, a good dose of gratitude. But how do you write a thank-you note that people will remember? And how do you not go overboard with it? 116 more words


Thank You Note 5

Thank you,

Norwegian Coffee

for making me feel

like I drank Starbucks

mixed with Speed.

To be a real Norwegian, you must drink coffee all the freakin time, all hours of the day and take it black. 85 more words


A Love Note to my Fellow Child Rearers

My fellow Child Rearers knee deep in child rearing…okay, chest deep,

You know who you are.

Have I told you how much I love you? 289 more words

“People who take their own life fought off the urge a thousand times, until the one time they could not.” — Kim Jong-hyun

263 more words

Coliseum Northside Hospital: Thank You

I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to everyone on the Coliseum Northside team for your dedicated efforts this week to take care of our patients during this extreme surge that we have experienced.  97 more words

Coliseum Northside Hospital