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Near misses and Close calls.

Sometimes, the difference between a plain ol’ run-of-the-mill good day, and the worst day of your life, can be as seemingly inconsequential as a few inches.   1,342 more words

40 acts 2015 day 6

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Gratitude – one of the best catalysts for generosity. When we’re thankful, we generally want to share the blessing around. 247 more words


The hype

A lot of the time we get caught up in our own hype and forget about the people around us. This is not always a good thing. 27 more words

Thank: Put Him First

STRESS. Happens all of the time, right? Stressed about work or sitting in traffic or your weight or money. Stress is a killer, literally. I hate when I’m stressed! 679 more words


Red Carpet Ruminations

I love the movies – well, some of them, okay, a few of them. If I have to pay that much for two hours of movie, twenty minutes of previews, and all that advertising, I want to leave the theater pumped or moved or laughed-out. 438 more words