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Stairs to the future

At this point, a different image, no specs or tech talk, just simple. And yes, it was taken in Downtown.

Into a new bright future. Restart the life and move on – at this way thank you for the support to a lot of great people.


After being shot at, deciding which logo to go with is sort of easy

“Life every man holds dear; but the dear man holds honor far more precious dear than life.” ~William Shakespeare

One of the things that I’ll be working on today is getting my head around all of the different military initiatives that we have here at work, and putting together a communication to all staff, so that they all know what services we can offer to veterans and their families.  249 more words



ધન્યવાદ કરો,
જીવન ધન્ય બનાવો .
સર્વ પ્રથમ ઈશ્ર્વર નો
કરો ધન્યવાદ
માનવ જન્મ મળ્યો .
ધન્યવાદ માત પિતાનો કરો
સુંદર ને સુરિક્ષત જીવન મળ્યું.


Thank about it

Have you ever looked at yourself and really seen yourself or do you see what people have made you into?

Sextons Yard Sale


This Moment

Thank you, dear God, for this moment. Right now, in this place, in this time, I am content, and I know that you are God.