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Thankful For Purpose

With this the last week of April today we’ll be taking look at our monthly topic, that of purpose.  I’m thankful for having made the time this month to think and talk about purpose.  287 more words



Rain is one of my favorite things. It’s so calming and peaceful. I love how the bounces off leaves and the sound as it splashes to the ground. 95 more words


Thankful for Change

As we work our way through another Monday today I am reflecting on something that has been alternately frustrating and reassuring me especially of late: time.  284 more words


Cozy Days

It’s another cold and rainy day today. I’m thinking about making some soup to eat while I write. A few birds chirp outside; they add to the calming music I have playing in the background and filling my home. 77 more words


The Little Things

Today I’m thankful for all the little things in life. Things like open windows and warm air. Walks with my husband and a camera. A gentle summer’s rain and a perfect breeze. 40 more words




Gue lagi di pedo. Which is kedokteran gigi anak. Lol omong bahasa indonesia. Okay. So dah 2 minggu dekat sini. Hari ni apa aku nak cerita is about my mom. 480 more words