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Thankful For...Week 15 (#ImNotABox)

This Thankful For… is special in many ways. As you see in the title, this is the 15th edition of the series. That’s pretty neat. Additionally, this post shamelessly promotes Zappos’ outside of the box campaign #ImNotABox. 336 more words

Thankful For...

Thankful For...Week 14

This edition of Thankful For… features some amazing food-themed text generators!

Things I have been thankful for in the past two weeks include: 19 more words

Thankful For...

Thankful For...Week 13

There’s always some things we can be thankful for. They might be small and hard to see, so we need to be willing to slow down and zoom in to what is around us. 15 more words

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Thankful For...Week 12

I am thankful for specific things, but more than that I want my whole attitude to be one of gratitude. What helps you have a thankful attitude?

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Thankful For...Week 10

What can you be thankful for this week? It could be something unique to you, or it could affect many people. What are some things you’ve been taking for granted? 25 more words

Thankful For...