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Springing into a New Apartment

Oh, how much there is to be thankful for. Today I am thankful for:

A new morning.

The surprises that awakening in a new home brings.Where am I? 486 more words


Today I am thankful for...

  1. Lists. I am very thankful for lists and how they have helped keep me sane the last few years as I finished up school.
  2. Warm blankets.
  3. 355 more words
Im Very Thoughtful...

Let's See

First off a huge thank you to Ruth Anne at Holloway Family North. One of my personal goals is to make sure that I actually keep up with my blog this year. 464 more words

Freely Seeking

Things that make me happy

Here is today’s second post (8/30), as I promised. Since the previous one was a bit negative I thought I’ll focus on the positive things this time. 498 more words

2014: Fourteen Things

I did this a few years ago on my original blog, I’m sure. Here’s hoping I remember this next year!

Things I’m thankful for – 277 more words

The Other Side

I'm Thankful For...

So… uhhh… I guess it’s a week and a half into December? What? When did that happen?

But… uhhh… I haven’t even made my Thanksgiving thankful for post yet. 218 more words


A few things I'm grateful for...

1) Living in Los Angeles

It’s a love-hate relationship. Love for all the options/activities/food/culture it offers. Hate for all the traffic/smog and ten million complicated parking signs. 563 more words