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Do You Take Things For Granted In Your Life?

Do you give God thanks for the wonderful things he has put into your life?  For the family he has stowed to you, your spouse, your new job, your existing job, your friends, the ability to work and to serve others, your kids, the new relationships, and the list goes on and on.  84 more words


Sometimes Flat, Sometimes Full ~ Always Thankful

Sometimes the quote below is all we can do.

Sometimes it’s really the best way to be.

Because sometimes it’s not all butterflies & daisies. … 131 more words


Me, Not God (very short post)

I’ve recently been pretty sick (I’m going to make a whole post about that, too); and apparently when all you can do is sit in bed and live in your head, your brain starts to think of all kinds of things. 421 more words


Hey... whoa.... step back!

In the past year, I have taken public transit more than I ever have before (and I’ve lived in the city all my life).

Being in the suburbs, I take GO Transit (rail) most often and frequent the subway system throughout the day to accommodate meetings. 153 more words

Bring Thank You Back

# 39 - #BetterPersonChallenge May 25

Before you go to Sleep, Think of the Best Thing that Day for 5 Minutes. 

Instead of worrying about all the things that went wrong today or everything you need to do tomorrow, clear your mind and think about what was the best thing that happened today. 150 more words


Currently: May Edition

Wow it’s already been a week since my last post. Where has the time gone? In reality, I know that I’ve been pretty busy this past week. 620 more words


33 Things I'm grateful for @ 33

A week ago when I turned 33, another year older and another year more grateful and wiser :) I celebrated it with my family and colleagues…. 766 more words