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Christmas on a budget.

I’m not paid much as a career. I’m not moaning because I do get a set amount of money a week and it’s enough to sustain my lifestyle which if I’m honest is very nice. 286 more words

About Me

A New Home

As I reflect on today, I envision the moments wrapping up one of my last few modules of my graduate school career, organizing shelves in my new home, and dancing on that clean kitchen floor to old-time country music while cooking dinner. 343 more words

Everyday Life

Thankful Thursday....

I’m up,  it’s the am..what are you thankful for today?

Well for me, two things; I woke up & lastly old man winter and mother nature have shut up since Sunday… let’s hope it lasts! 8 more words


Morning Coffee

I made coffee this morning
While thinking a simple thought
I hope I can do this again

-M. Taggart


Thankful Thursday...

This is not a formal blog; no, this is just a blog of praise.

My mother was in a car accident yesterday… her second accident in six weeks. 228 more words


Are We Lucky or Blessed?

Lately, I have heard several people say, “I am lucky!” or That was lucky!” Whenever I hear about luck, I want to reply, “What does luck have to do with it?” 428 more words


The Cleanse

Hello dear reader.

It’s 2:00 in the morning and I’m doing the prep for the colonoscopy I’m having on Friday. Since the last one failed, I have to do it for two days this time. 267 more words

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