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February 10th

Day 41

Today I am thankful that I had the strength to carry through the whole day. That my life is not so hectic that when I feel like I’m about to break down, that I can keep going. 23 more words


February 10th

I’m grateful for today’s beading class, and the entire series I was able to fascilitate. Hopefully not the last!

365 Grateful


A miniature sail boat made out of seashells. An old dusty hand-made card. A star cut crystal. 

If you ever pay close attention to individuals in a group conversation, you’ll start to notice that they fade in and out of certain topics. 302 more words

Another procedure 

I found myself back at the hospital yesterday for another test and procedure. If you asked me if I was ready to do this I’d say no. 275 more words



Even at my worst, the sun never fails to make me smile.

Birthday Blog

I’ve made it a tradition to blog on my birthday.

Birthdays make me even more introspective than usual, and I often feel compelled to write around this time of year.  757 more words

You know I’m a believer that laughing keeps the heart younger. Knowing when you are blessed for the most basic things in life will keep you humble.

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