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Angels in my Heart

It’s almost been a year since God called you away.

It’s been a year since I heard you say my name.

It’s been a year thats been full of good news and struggles. 373 more words


Motivation Monday - Everyday People

Though Thanksgiving has gone away from us now, there is something that I want to bring up. There was a lady who was homeless here in my lovely city. 209 more words


Oddly .... 

Be grateful everything you have, because you could lose it

Daily Dose

Giving Thanks

There has not been a whole lot in my life this year to be thankful for, but, since this is the time of year for giving thanks, I’ll give it a shot. 195 more words


Thanksgiving, a great time to slow down and look back at what you are thankful for. I’ve been really lucky and blessed to have a loving family to support me, a great job that challenges me, and the ability to express myself through my various hobbies of cosplaying, blogging, reading books and comics, and just creating new things in general. 400 more words


Jesterly Challenge Month - November 30th

We made it!  And what a month it has been.  30 days and 30 posts.  Well, more than 30 posts actually because there were some bonus posts here and there throughout.  299 more words


Thank You - 33 Miles

Thanksgiving is over, but our season of thanks doesn’t have to be.  Let us continue to be thankful. In this season of Thanks, don’t forget to Thank God.   361 more words