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just a word of thanks

I was (finally) writing my About page yesterday, and realised something quite important. Although I built this blog with a desire to help others find people like them and come to terms with who they are, the simple act of writing about my deepest thoughts and feelings has already started to help me in ways I didn’t anticipate. 221 more words


Steamy´s Coffee

These are 2 illustrations I made for Steamys Coffee, if you go someday, you will enjoy a nice place with delicious food! and you could see my illustrations printed big scale! 12 more words


Heeeeello!!!! (BookHaul)

Guy’s I am so sorry I haven’t post anything here in like months or just 2 months?

I know, but now I’m Administrating this account from my Personal account, finally, now I don’t have to log in two different accounts -haha- 57 more words


777Times "THANKS!!!"

Yesterday night I’ve reached and surpassed the view number 777, this is a special milestone to me and it’s happened only because of you, folks! 113 more words


I need some advice...

Have you ever had one of those moments, those ‘Toys In The Attic’ moments you hear about where somebody finds something really Incredible or valuable, like lost baseball cards, a forgotten valuable painting or heirloom that they never knew they had? 1,436 more words


OMG! Thanks you guys!

I have so far 39 views on my Book Haul and 2 subscribers! Maybe is not much, but I am happy for it. I am just so happy, I want to keep making videos and hoping that everyone will enjoy it. 63 more words