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Thanksgiving in Paris

Happy Thanksgiving, to those who celebrated last week! Thursday and Friday were work days here, so I hosted a belated potluck dinner on Saturday, after spending a small fortune at the… 512 more words


$70 Rotel Dip for Thanksgiving

I would like to start off by thanking my wonderful mother for spending an ungodly amount of money in order to ship me a package containing the ingredients to make rotel. 423 more words


The Malta Experience

A well kept secret, one of only a few mini countries in the world, and it is truly a wonderful place to visit.

Sacred, historically medieval, and beautiful, we arrived from Rome met the kids at “Popeye’s Village” for a rigorous round of miniature golf and it’s been non stop ever since. 344 more words

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How to do Friendsgiving right in England

After running around all of Clerkenwell yesterday, we put our noses to the grindstone. Preparations for Thanksgiving dinner came in waves:

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Prepping for a British Thanksgiving

Oh, Thanksgiving. Despite the premise of the holiday (its flawed celebration and all), I can assure you that there is still joy to be drawn from it. 542 more words

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Thanksgiving in Barcelona

This fall I have been in Barcelona, and won’t be leaving until after the new year. I haven’t spent a full fall/winter season here yet, so I’m definitely enjoying the longitudinal perspective. 921 more words

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