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KA-BOOM Thar She Blows!!!

Well, I simply don’t have a photo worthy of the occasion.  And my new blog is no longer associated with the train wrecks in my life, so this one is all about, well, an explosion that was not my fault, but that has affected my life in a huge way. 834 more words


Cabbage Patch 2012

The air was smoked. The band was loud. The frat house dudes were fraternizing with nipple jokes and the ancient art of air-humping, sodomizing that which is breathed, and kneading the nothing, pantomiming that which is heaved. 356 more words


Dreadfleet - Scourge of Fanboi's Wallets

This weekend followers of the Sherriff’s plan to drain the world of all money sicked up in their mouths a little when they popped open the official site to see just what all the fuss was about with the rumoured zombie pirate board game release. 796 more words

Games Workshop

Better Call Queequeg, Scientists Find 'Leviathan'

Via the BBC

Fossils have been found of a massive whale, dubbed ‘Leviathan‘, that would have been 17 meters long.  Interestingly, this beast of the sea would have been a contemporary to the great shark, Megalodon, which measured 15 meters long.  141 more words


localhoteldirectory.com lives!

Localhoteldirectory.com lives!

Thar she blows! localhoteldirectory.com has finally been launched. This is the site that I've been working on for the past two months. It went live last night at about 10:45pm central time. 46 more words