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Death Knight week - Inspiration

For today’s Death Knight week post, I want to look at my favourite NPC Death Knights. This maybe in the hope that I’ll get inspired and stop “faffing” about doing anything and everything but leveling a Dk. 260 more words


A Scourge on both your factions

Next up I got sent to deal with Darkmaster Gandling.   Cultist.   Headmaster of the Scourge Holdout, Scholomance.

Rattlegore.  Gandling’s Lieutenant.

Also got told to take Araj’s Phylactery Shard.  72 more words


Alas, Andorhal

Arrived at Andorhal and met Thassarian and his.. buddy.. Lurid.

They sent me off to kill Scourge.  Fine.

Was more impressed by a fellow gnome there, by the name of Lang Loosegrip.  56 more words


Scarlithe 30-40

Heya. Been playing all saturday and today it’s sunday. I have a day off tomorrow from work, but I will probably not be able to play alot anyway. 245 more words