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The Omen

The best synopsis of The Omen comes from Eric Forman in That ’70s Show: “The little kid’s the devil, they have to kill him, watch the movie.” 230 more words


Netflix: 420 Edition

I know 4/20 was a few days back, but I have a feeling some of you are still celebrating.  We don’t judge.  Hey, it’s almost legal!   134 more words


Sound Bite

I’m sure lots of you, like me, sing in their heads. Have some tunes playing in their mind when there isn’t any actual music playing out loud. 196 more words


When there's no time for tv

I’ll admit I haven’t watched any new television for a number of weeks. School has taken over the past month of my life. My memories are whirlwinds of proposal writing, magazine making, and cookie baking. 116 more words


Day 105- That 70s Show

So this has been my current Netflix slow binge, watch a few episodes a day at lunch and in the evening. This is very good TV program and I enjoyed it when it a lot when it was on the TV. 222 more words

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