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17 things to do when you can't sleep

For involuntary reasons, I am incapable of sleeping tonight, despite having to be in uni all day tomorrow (today). But I’ve managed to keep myself busy in a number of ways and have some good ideas for future ways to keep myself occupied during these ungodly hours. 572 more words

One episode - give this series a chance, yay or nay?

I’m sorry I have been very quiet lately, but life is hard fighting depressions and having a world around you that reminds you how fighting for the right thing won’t stop anytime soon doesn’t help. 784 more words

Feminism Means Equality For Women AND Men

New video from OITNB - only 91 days to go

Watch this – if you haven’t already. I love these girls so much.

  • Piper: She’s really cute in this video. Hot actually. I’m not used to seeing her with make up.
  • 290 more words

9 Delightful Insults That Prove You're Never Too Old For Childish Namecalling

You guys, I am all about “dinkus.”

It’s such a criminally underused insult. And there are so many like it, fun little jabs based in sophomoric sport that would be best wielded with a PlayStation load screen in the background. 328 more words

That 70's Show "That 70's Musical"

And here it is! The final post about musical television. (What a relief right?) The final musical episode I want to talk about is from… 394 more words