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Definitive That 70's Power Rankings

The show that gave so many actors and actresses their big break. The show that makes us wonder what our parents really did growing up through the 70s. 892 more words


Top 10 Musical Episodes

Deciding to shift away from the norm and instead make us all sing along, these episodes took on the musical concept and made us tap our foot along with them. 936 more words


8 Top TV Sitcom Classics to Binge Watch on Reruns

Focusing on shows that brought viewers decades of entertaining media, shows in this list are filled with original, creative, and artistic rendition of a true sitcom. 645 more words


A short review of "American Ultra" (2015)

The Manchurian candidate is a common trope.  A Manchurian candidate hidden within a neurotic, drug addled, underachieving comic book creator is actually pretty creative.

That’s just one of the reasons that “American Ultra” (2015) had the makings of a great movie.   334 more words

Nothing Can Hurt Me

As a fan of rockumentaries and That ’70s Show, I had to seek out this doc about Big Star – “the greatest band that never made it.” 306 more words


"That '70s Show"

Hello, and welcome to Questionable Nostalgia, where I, your humble idiot Daniel Marco, will be discussing shows and films that I used to love and now make me cringe. 313 more words


Week 4 Activity: 2D Painting

For this activity, we were assigned to spray paint (graffiti) our names in bubble letters using a minimum of two colors. Here are the materials used for this art project: 241 more words