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One of those weeks..

Hey guys! Shay here! Well, I’ve had quite a down day.. Literally! All I completed today was making lousy grilled cheese for my niece and I and then going right back on the recliner with her until my mom got home. 198 more words

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Kitty and Red

I watched approximately seven episodes of That 70’s Show today, propelling my love for Foreman, Hyde and Kitty, further and further. Mostly Kitty though. My favourite thing to do on days when I really just want to be mindless for a while, is to open up a tab with Netflix and then open up a tab with Tumblr, each halving my computer screen so I can be semi-engaged in each at once. 396 more words


A Celebration Of Kelso's Best Moments On 'That '70s Show'

Though That ‘70s Show has been off the air for nine years (the last episode aired May 18th, 2006, so start planning your 10 year anniversary parties now,) it’s important to sit down and remember the past. 607 more words


Dreaming Big about My Book

Last week’s prompt (yes, I’m a little late) from my Online Writing Community via Andilit, was to imagine and write about what our books will look like: the cover colors, the size, weight, font, etc, and also what the movie version would be like. 353 more words