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#FlashbackFriday! Mila Kunis Channels 'That '70's Show'

That ’70s Show ended 10 years ago, but Mila Kunis is still in character! The actress is making the internet buzz after dressing like her old character  76 more words


Music: How-To Music Flower and That 70s Show Remake

When you hear the word music what is the first thing that pops into your head? An instrument? A specific band? A concert? … What about when you hear your favorite song? 785 more words


How To Ruin Your Financial Life

Attend a private university.

Yep. It’s that simple. You might not notice it at first, but wait until you graduate and look at how much you owe in loans. 20 more words


Ashton and Mila Refuse To Raise Entitled Children

She may have played a ditzy character in That ’70s Show, but actress Mila Kunis is taking a very sensible approach to parenting.

The… 168 more words


August 7, 2016: Astral Asteroid 

Another really chill day. For most of it I just lie on the couch watching Netflix. I watch everything from Digimon and Archer to the Wonder Years and That 70’s Show. 140 more words

DAYS LIKE THESE (the shit 70's Show UK remake)

Days Like These was a British remake of the popular American sitcom That 70’s Show, a show which launched the careers of Ashton Kutcher, his now wife Mila Kunis, the fantastic Topher Grace, jailbait lover Wilma Vanderama, hot Scientologist Laura Prepon, and that guy who is Military School blokey from Malcolm In The Middle’s real life brother. 1,280 more words

5 sitcoms you seriously need to watch. I feel like I tell you to watch a lot of things. I just feel like you could be missing out on some class entertainment, I'm looking out for you. You're welcome.

*Okay Jess calm down with the titles yet again* GOOOOOOD EVENING! And a happy Saturday to you all! Saturday’s a great day for lounging around and watching films or shows and eating your body weight in chocolate. 378 more words