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Currently Crushing: Mila Kunis

Hi Friends!

I really like Mila Kunis. She’s been making her media rounds as of late, promoting her new movie and I’m like, happy about it. 230 more words

That 70's Show - Including things that should've been left in the 70's

You may wonder why I’ve taken it upon myself to give an opinion on a show that started in the 90’s and ended almost a decade ago. 1,048 more words

Amy Moretsele

The Stigma of Basement Dwelling

When I began looking for places in Toronto, it dawned on me quite quickly that I wasn’t going to be able to afford the kind of apartment I had in Kingston (a two bedroom, first floor of a house with heaps of windows and a side yard). 325 more words


The Death of Laugh Tracks

Out of the 15 live action sitcoms on the 5 major networks currently, only 5 use laugh tracks. Compare that to 20 years ago where every single live action sitcom had audience laughter. 629 more words


That 70S Show Fashion

The 70s, height of partying, big hair and all things hippie. One thing that particularly stands out for me though, the fashion.

Although not so much a household name in England, American TV series ‘That 70s show’ was especially popular during its 1998-2006 period, and is still loved by many today.

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Eric Forman

For the first time the protagonist of the show was the most boring character. It took me 5 episodes in the final season to realise he wasn’t there. 476 more words

Hello, America!

That All-American weekend has arrived.

July 1st is not only the first day of the best month (I’m biased), but summer’s (and this country’s) biggest party with friends, family and neighbors is here. 173 more words