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#AtoZChallenge Day 1: Awkward Moments

A is for Awkward Moments

Being asked “How do they do this in your culture?”  (uhm, which one? Muslim? Indian? American?)

The imam makes a mistake in recitation but you don’t want to correct it because suddenly you’re questioning every ayah you ever knew.   260 more words


Awkward moment at the dentist. 

That awkward moment when the dentist says, “I apologize in advance if the water squirts on your face.” And you say, “It’s okay I’m used to it.” …and you mean since you’ve been to the dentist before, but since you’re older, the room just falls silent. 

4 Invasive Questions To Ask On The First Date

In the last decade the dating game has changed, immensely. The rise of social media has made finding a love interest a simple swipe or button click away. 1,208 more words

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