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I have a confession to make. I have extremely low self-efficacy. Well, at least when it comes to trying new things. I’ve always been a fan of setting my standards low in the hopes that the reality is much better than expected, but then I remember how god awful I am at most things and the reality is… I truly am as terrible as I think. 697 more words


I NEED an Easy Button

Staples was on to something when they created the EASY button. It’s my week to get the boys ready for school and take them to school.  334 more words


That was Easy!

When you are here… you’re family!

This clever little tag line used by the restaurant chain, Olive Garden, should be our mantra when it comes to the subject of hospitality at our retreat centers. 375 more words


Meditation Challenge: Miracles in Minutiae

Test your meditation mettle.

The Challenge: 3 minute “minutiae meditation”.  The winner gets awesomeness points. (Do this right now… You can do it in 3 or 5 minutes.) 557 more words


You Don't Need to Find Time to Meditate

One of the things I hear from people time and time again is, “I’ve been meaning to find the time to learn to meditate.”

Sure, learning to sit for thirty minutes a day develops discipline and trains your mind… yada yada.   473 more words


Back to School Supply List for Moms

Back to school is a time of supply lists for our kids but what about the moms?! Forget the pencils and non-purple jumbo glue sticks, here’s what… 501 more words

Mommying & Me

That was easy button – Preview!