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Damn Sonic. Well at least you died rich.

Get it?


“I’m a TA who teaches a class on campus. I hate my students, so I look for reasons to flunk them. I’m not the only one.”



“My boyfriend broke up with me when he found out I was a virgin. Then he went and screwed my best friend. Turned out she gave him std’s. 11 more words



“I poured water from a gravity bong/ashtray/trashcan under the 7th floor RA’s door in Scott Hall, then used Gorilla Glue to glue a dime over the keyhole on his door. 14 more words


How to Rape someone Without Any Legal Repercussions

if you are fucked up enough to have clicked on that link. you are fucked up enough to enjoy me, ailin la rocca, now please watch this introductory video about how I used to be a Prostitute. 25 more words


pic i saw on SI.com while i was perusing through the ny giants superbowl victory parade slideshows…

he’s young…but still…what the hell was he thinking???

Thats Fucked Up!