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Another Year, Another Mischief Update

The human female is back at work.  I am with her, all decked out in my new raiment.   Am I not resplendent?

The new cloak is a bit stiff, and there’s a loose thread tickling my chin, but all in all, much better than the shabby old one.  644 more words

Naughty Loki

Odds and ends for Jan. 30

You know, I’ve thought about taking these odds and ends and doing something with them on paper.li. And then I think, “That’s what you have a blog for.” Duh. 135 more words


"Ice up. And mow my lawn." -- Steve Smith

Well, that’s not the exact quote, but it captures the spirit. Steve Smith, a well-known trash talker when he played for the Carolina Panthers, had… 251 more words


Ass. Kicked.

I don’t know what Democrat Wendy Davis’s chances are of defeating Republican Greg Abbott for the Texas governorship, but on the basis of last night’s debate, I have no doubt whom I would vote for. 56 more words

That's Gonna Leave A Mark

Lookie here! Some honest-to-goodness voter fraud!

Why, it’s 200 votes’ worth! See! All those restrictions on voting that all the GOP legislatures have enacted are there for a reason! We’re trying to prevent… 17 more words

Aiee! Teh Stoopid! It Burns!

And these are the fiscal grownups

So Rep. Steve Stockman wrote House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s PAC a check last November for $5,000.

It bounced.

Someone ‘splain to me again how the Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility?