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This redhead can say she has award-winning apple butter

All of that apple and canning work actually paid off this year! I won a grand total of $1.25 and a third-place ribbon, but hey, I won! 256 more words


Comparing apples to apples

So my friendly neighborhood apple guy sent this beast of fruit home with my husband last night:

That monster apple in the bottom of the photo that’s dwarfing the gala is a Wolf River apple. 96 more words


Summer's winding down and the canner's heating up

I feel like August has been nothing but a food preserving marathon!

I’m just finishing up today’s pickle palooza. I keep forgetting how many pickles just a small amount of cucumbers can produce! 70 more words



This turned up at my house on Monday…

…and promptly consumed my soul and kitchen for two days straight.

A jazz bandmate of my husband has a few apple trees and is gracious enough to give us any leftovers when he has them. 219 more words


Pinspiration Wednesday: Gotta try homemade ranch dressing

I’m just recently rediscovering my love for ranch dressing after getting burnt out on the nasty Kraft version. I love the dressing with celery and carrot sticks, but it’s also tasty on potatoes, in chicken wraps and even on pizza. 228 more words


Pinspiration Wednesday: Parmesan baked potatoes

I made these delicious spuds for a Mother’s Day cookout with my family. They’re delicious and so freaking easy.

Serve these with the traditional Midwest condiment – ranch dressing – and you’re set for sides. 115 more words


Pinspiration Wednesday: Chicken, bean and potato dish

This week’s post is a recipe review based on this pin:

Source: pinterest.com via Julie on Pinterest

I haven’t been able to trace this back to any particular blog or person, so unfortunately I’m not able to properly credit this. 217 more words