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The best way to lead is by example.  You have to do what you expect someone else to do.  You have to show them how to do it the right way.  50 more words


Six Years A Blogger

Six years ago today, November 21, 2011, I burst upon the scene, and published my first blog-post. For H E Ellis, that’s 2192 days, exactly… 429 more words


Laid Bare

I have been laid bare and penetrated

By the thoughtful gaze and words of he

Who knew me once,

Who knows me now,

Yet who somehow just met me, 60 more words

That's Life

’17 A To Z Challenge – R

The word ‘Roundhouse’ has two, very different but connected meanings, so, for the letter

I’m going to tell you about them.

Roundhouse Slang. A punch in which the arm is typically brought straight out to the side or rear of the body and in which the fist describes an exaggerated circular motion. 471 more words


Reblog: Recipe for Mornings After

“Whip egg whites, expectations, preheat an oven / carefully cultivate delicate friendships with belligerent drunks.”

via Recipe for Mornings After — Discover

I feel like this was most of my 20s and a portion of my 30s.

58 more words
That's Life

On Poems and Pies

I write.

I write every day.

Every day, there are blog posts, product descriptions, company profiles to write; there are novels to be ghostwritten or ghost-edited; there are theses and assignments to edit or proofread; there are poems to make; there are social media on which to piss people off. 426 more words

That's LIfe

Wish.  Dream.  Believe   Anything and everything is possible.

Don’t be afraid of making wishes.  Write them down and your wishes become goals.  And then you will do what it takes to make them come true. 31 more words