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Hills That Defy Gravity: That's Weird

A strange phenomenon can be experienced on a hill in the small town of Middlesex, New York. The location on Newell Road has come to be known as “Spook Hill.” 192 more words


UFOs Declassified: That's Weird

For centuries unidentified flying objects of all shapes, sizes and color have been reported from around the world. From strange lights recently recorded over a corn field in Krakow, Poland to an unknown triangular craft in Amsterdam, UFO sightings are everywhere and growing in number. 276 more words


Be Good This Christmas Or Krampus Might Get You

German folklore tells of the dark counterpart to Saint Nicholas. This dark-haired goat-like beast with long horns is known – as Krampus.

The absolute origins are unclear, but what we do know is that in Germany, on December 6th, children await the arrival of Saint Nicholas to bring them gifts, but only if they were good. 239 more words


That's Weird: Blood Rain In Spain

Reports of blood-red rain falling from the sky is no new phenomenon, with accounts as early as the 8th century BC.

Last year, residents from across the Spanish province of Zamora, said they saw what appeared to be blood raining down from the sky. 230 more words


City In The Sky Spotted Over China: That's Weird

Residents of Foshan, China recently witnessed a large apparition floating in the sky. Video shows what some think is a towering city rising up from behind a wall of grey clouds. 259 more words


How I stumbled upon selfies back in 2004

Sometimes social culture changes and something becomes acceptable so rapidly that it’s just remarkable. I experienced at least one such event in 2004.

In early 2004, I arrived in the US to begin postdoctoral studies. 310 more words

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That's Weird: New Evidence of The Jersey Devil

A centuries-old legend apparently lives in the Pine Barrens in South New Jersey. Described as having hooves for feet, a horse body, bat wings and goat’s head, this bizarre creature has been sighted and talked about for hundreds of years. 227 more words