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That’s weird: Sweet Cherry Pancake Filled Avocados!

So, last week we introduced you to the unique (or weird) combo of beets, chocolate and rasberries baked into a delicious crumble.  This week we’re showcasing how avocados can go ‘beyond the toast’!   233 more words


That's Weird: cherry pancake filled avocados

Welcome to round 2 of That’s weird. Last week we had beetroot, chocolate and raspberry crumble, this week it’s all about bringing the sweet side of avocado into the limelight. 330 more words


That's weird: Beet, raspberry and chocolate crumble

The great thing about the growing interest in food and home cooking is that people are experimenting with new ingredients, new flavor combos, and creating new twists on classic dishes. 308 more words


Water, and a lot of other liquids.

I love drinking water. I don’t drink it as often as I used to (which was maybe a couple liters or so a day!), but I still do enjoy a nice refreshing glass of water. 425 more words


That's Weird: Beetroot, raspberry and chocolate crumble

You know that famous saying that claims that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Well, forget that. Push it right to the back of your consciousness and leave it there. 476 more words


Could Life Exist On Ceres?

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft recently approached the dwarf planet Ceres, located in our solar system’s asteroid belt. Upon approach, Dawn captured something that has people wondering if life could exist on the icy rock.


The Search For The Truth About UFOs Continues

Do you believe there is life out there in space? Sightings of UFOs happen all the time, but getting the government to admit the truth about what’s up there in the skies is easier said than done.

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