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City In The Sky Spotted Over China: That's Weird

Residents of Foshan, China recently witnessed a large apparition floating in the sky. Video shows what some think is a towering city rising up from behind a wall of grey clouds. 259 more words


How I stumbled upon selfies back in 2004

Sometimes social culture changes and something becomes acceptable so rapidly that it’s just remarkable. I experienced at least one such event in 2004.

In early 2004, I arrived in the US to begin postdoctoral studies. 310 more words

My Opinion

That's Weird: New Evidence of The Jersey Devil

A centuries-old legend apparently lives in the Pine Barrens in South New Jersey. Described as having hooves for feet, a horse body, bat wings and goat’s head, this bizarre creature has been sighted and talked about for hundreds of years. 227 more words


That's Weird: Water on Mars

Recently, NASA’s Director of Planetary Science, Jim Green said that, “Mars is not the dry arid planet that we thought of in the past. Today we’re going to announce that under certain circumstances, liquid water has been found on Mars.” 280 more words


That's Weird: UFOs Spotted Near International Space Station

A NASA video feed from the International Space Station recently caught unidentified flying objects leaving the earth’s atmosphere. The feed was abruptly cut off by NASA, which leads many conspiracy theorists to believe that they were alien spacecraft, or a secret government project. 218 more words


Baby Playsets Are Insane

A Post By: Michael Gallo

While shopping for a gift for my one year old niece at a store that specialized in baby merchandise, I discovered an alarming fact; baby toy companies are preparing young children for an American culture that’s addicted to its own prison system, institutionalized racism, and the daring thrills of escaping from said penal system. 628 more words


That’s weird: Sweet Cherry Pancake Filled Avocados!

So, last week we introduced you to the unique (or weird) combo of beets, chocolate and rasberries baked into a delicious crumble.  This week we’re showcasing how avocados can go ‘beyond the toast’!   233 more words