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One Weird Thing

I will traipse happily through a store openly carrying underwear I have not yet purchased.

It seems I will also happily traipse across the studio openly carrying my dance belt. 83 more words


That's weird, right? 

One of Claire’s old one-night-stands keeps adding me on Facebook. I’ve deleted the request three times, but he KEEPS SENDING IT!
Like… Can you not?


A PAM Cooking Spray Conspiracy

While on vacation in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska, my girlfriend and I went to purchase a bottle of PAM cooking spray to make eggs in the morning. 621 more words


That’s Weird: NASA Cuts Feed as UFO Hovers Above Earth

Earlier this month a video feed from NASA’s International Space Station was abruptly cut off after a glowing orb was seen dropping toward Earth’s atmosphere. 230 more words


That's Weird: CERN's Supposed Satanic Logo and Doomsday Theories

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, is an organization located in Europe that is home to the world’s largest particle physics lab. The facility, located over 300 feet underground, is a series of machines set up in a circle that extends almost 17 miles in length. 234 more words


Mysterious Creature Spotted In The River Thames

An apparent creature was recently spotted floating to the surface of the River Thames in London. In the video, the dark specter emerges from the famed body of water for only a brief moment before submerging again. 241 more words


The Hum: A Strange Sound Heard Around The World

The Hum. It’s a strange low-frequency vibration or noise that has been reported by individuals and entire towns, for over thirty years. The Hum has been described as sounding like a diesel engine idling or a distant buzz in the air. 182 more words