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R.I.P. J Geils

2017 continues to suck as much as 2016 as another rock icon goes to the great gig in the sky. J Geils who’s band bears his name passed away today, aged 71, from what is believed to be natural causes. 101 more words


Step into my time machine... we are going back to the 70's!!!

We are going to talk about the 1970’s for a few days. There are two reasons for this. The first is that I recently did a post about how I used Spotify to download a bunch of classic rock and roll to listen to on the long drive through the desert to Arizona, where I am helping my daughter prepare for her wedding next week. 252 more words



Alas, poor Barry; I knew him well. I knew a few, actually, though most belonged to the parent generation when I was a kid; I can only recall one Barry I was at school with, and even then his name seemed curiously old-fashioned for someone my own age. 993 more words

Pop Culture

Steelers' Best Decade - The 1970s

A faculty member at Columbia Business School and the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, Joann Baney supports the Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers fans like Joann Baney have been rewarded for their loyalty with six Super Bowl victories. 168 more words

Joann Baney


There is an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ in which Bart is told the facts of life in characteristically clumsy fashion by his father as the camera then pans away to an aerial view of Springfield whilst Homer’s son and heir criss-crosses the landscape, running to and from the homes of each friend to pass on the news; upon learning the truth of what their parents did, Bart’s pals react in identical fashion – with utter disgust. 1,029 more words


Daily Video of Whatever™ Sebastian

ALL DAY this song has been in my head. I couldn’t wait to get home and blast it.

It’s pure poetry; haunting and melancholy. I fully understand it’s meaning but please don’t ask me to explain it, because I simply cannot. 74 more words


"The Cats Who Work Here are Elected by You."

For those who think environmentalism started out as a white yuppie cause, please visit the early 1970s when inner-city LA was drowning in pollution. #Smog! 1,057 more words