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PHOTOS: the Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink

I had just purchased a medium format, twin lens camera and, as usual, I was out riding around looking for something to shoot. I happened upon an old wooden structure built in the 1930’s in the Six Mile Creek area of rural southern Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL.

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Alan Robinson's Account

Dear Tony

Thanks again for another very interesing E Mail. The reason I have been a bit slower in replying is;- I’VE BEEN SCRUTINISING YOUR WEB SITE !!! 1,366 more words

The 1970s

The Jazz Takes Off!

Meeting Alan Robinson, Colin Martin and Co.

Very early in 1970 I was walking through the High Street, Rochester and passing the Eagle Tavern I heard again that unmistakable sound of trumpet and clarinet. 1,189 more words

The 1970s

Regrets, he had a few . . .

This post comes to us from Miriam Kleiman, Program Director for Public Affairs. 

After 20 years at the National Archives (first as a researcher, then employee), I’m still delighted to discover new (to me) archival treasures. 877 more words

Reelin' In The Years

We all know what memories bring
They bring diamonds and rust
– Joan Baez
About a year ago my brother and I were helping our parents sort out their attic. 3,994 more words


The dividing line between star and audience when offstage was once emphasised by the Ottoman Potentate-like demands emanating from dressing rooms. It was expected of showbiz types when they touched down on terra firma and the serfs assigned to pander to their every eccentric whim were accustomed to it. 1,048 more words

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Blur’s eponymous 1997 album, the band’s fifth, was an attempt to escape the slick quirkiness of their previous ‘Britpop’ best-sellers and to delve into darker lyrical waters as well as distorting their sonic tapestry so it had a deliberate Lo-fi feel. 964 more words

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