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The 1970´s. No. 3

The boy slept in the largest bedroom in the house. In a black all-iron tube bed. It had flat snaky steel springs to support the matress. 233 more words

The 1970´s

In the 1970´s. No.2.

When love is in your mind. Having the place it didn´t have throughout. When you remember it from the other side of life. The side now drained from distraction. 207 more words

The 1970´s

In the 1970´s. No. 1

It was coming out from the silver linings beside the body profile, I saw her the first time. She was standing on the flooring of the small white outboard motored boat with a yellow varnished oar in her hands. 140 more words

The 1970´s

The Tsesis accident

Even Sweden has it´s whistleblowers.

In 1977 the Sovjet tanker Tsesis struck a bank at Fifång outside Södertälje, in coastal Sweden. The hit shook althtrough the vessel. 218 more words

The 1970´s

American Top 40

I haven’t discussed it for a while, but those of you who have been reading this blog for a long time know that I’m really a 1970s kind of guy. 162 more words


The Godfather Part II: More Than a Sequel

I’ve always wondered about the nature of sequels. This mostly centers around how to make a good one. And, how does a writer or a director even conceive of a great sequel? 1,970 more words

when box boys were great

Not long ago I checked in on Facebook at my local supermarket and made the following comment:

Checkers and baggers don’t know how to properly fill a bag anymore.

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