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I make no apologies for this post being aimed at a certain age-group demographic. Of course, one cannot but betray one’s birth certificate in writing about contemporary cultural, political or social events; the tendency to reference the past with personal experience gives the game away somewhat, though I’d like to think I’m not strictly preaching to the converted. 1,020 more words

Pop Culture


Grammar and School – what is it about the combination of those two words that provoke such frothing at the mouth? Labour’s leading intellectual of the post-war era, Anthony Crosland, didn’t mince his words in his post as Education Secretary in Harold Wilson’s first government. 890 more words


Keeping Your Cool

In which our reluctant hero gets a bit under the collar.

In typical British fashion, the weather this week has taken us all a little off guard. 656 more words


Great Rock Albums of 1983: Rolling Stones- Undercover

If the Rolling Stones 1981 album “Tattoo You” was a move away from the band’s disco albums (at least I thought so) of the late 1970s, then the 1983 “Undercover” album moved them even further away. 516 more words


Holiday nostalgia

School’s out, people are on their hols and jetting off to sunnier climes. These days, thanks to cheap flights and the digital age, you can be somewhere sunny in just a few hours and share holiday memories in an instant. 425 more words


I don’t like the math

I received a fresh copy of the Pitzer College alumni magazine, The Participant, last week. It contained a piece about the retirement of a professor who arrived at Pitzer ten years after my graduation. 85 more words

The 1970's