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Before Satellites

I was born before satellites existed.  Yes before cell phones but also before computers (the Turing Machine excepted).  I remember horse drawn wagons traveling down city streets.  1,202 more words


Radical Activism Often Cools Into Bureaucratic Authoritarianism-Also, A Case From The De Blasio Files

From FIRE: ‘One Man’s Fight Against Bureaucratic Tyranny Moves On Campus

Today’s activist vanguardian is very often tomorrow’s calcified, authoritarian bureaucrat (if they play the game right and come in from the cold). 457 more words

Public Debate


Since the old lady herself was on the radio the other morning, Radio Four delving into some old archival interviews – hers from 1983 –I suddenly felt it was high time to share a little more of my Joni story, and this song will do as well as any, and better than most, as a focus for those thoughts. 1,088 more words

Contemporary Folk

Remember Our Beach Hangout - 26th Street?

Like me, I bet you all have fond memories of hanging out at 26th Street in Manhattan Beach when we were in high school. That was pretty much Leuzinger’s beach. 1,274 more words


Notes on the New Cold War

Unlike a lot of other men who are now parents, I don’t consider the first time I changed a diaper to be the point at which I stopped being cool. 1,997 more words

3. Literature

All the Hits of the ’60s

There was work to be done at the top of the cedar, beaten by storms, and on the still-grand oak, but the main business for the professionals was the two flowering pear trees in the side yard. 1,033 more words

Broad Street Review

The days when Ma Bell ruled the world

Any telephone operators out there?

From the 60’s?

Huge fans surrounding the unending line of women, wearing skirts or dresses.

No pants allowed.

Keep your eyes on the “board”. 495 more words