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The Addams Family

An early 1960s sitcom about a family that was probably monsters. There weren’t really jokes in it, just the premise that these monster people like what regular people… 57 more words


"The Times They Are A Changin": Teaching Bob Dylan, the Nobel Laureate Winner

PALS Note: We are pleased to welcome back Darcy Mullen for her second guest post. Please check out her first post here. This time Mullen is writing about teaching Bob Dylan after his win of the Nobel Prize in Literature. 1,769 more words

20th Century

Nothing to Write About

Well, Jeff Goins has suggested we write about hope, as in, “I hope I have something to write about.”

People often suggest regaling readers with images of the past. 617 more words


What Sort Of Things?

Captain Action was an action figure from the 60s that had a short lived comic book published by DC; have a quick look at the Wikipedia page… 173 more words


MLK Today: Racism is not a Simple Black and White Issue

We cannot treat racism as a simple black and white issue in the 21st century. It’s a multi-faceted issue: obscure, deep, and at times indistinguishable. If the above photo was part of an art exhibition and your job was to distinguish its meaning, you would likely contrive different meanings, altering perceptions. 483 more words


Motorific - It's Terrific!

Looking through some old Justice League of America issues the other day and came across this ad for Motorific action highway sets:

There’s a couple of things wrong with this ad, not least the first claim from Fred or Larry: 117 more words


An Awakening

I woke up in 1968. At ten-years-old, I was bubbled within the safety of my family and school. I lived in a tidy house on a quiet dead-end street, with my parents, three sisters, and baby brother. 860 more words

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