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The Manchurian Candidate [1962] ★★★★

  Regarded as the quintessential political satire of the 1960’s,  “The Manchurian Candidate” is also meant to provoke paranoia and fear as an American patrol is captured and brainwashed by Chinese communists during the Koran war. 139 more words


They Only Think They're Smarter and More Savvy

Every generation of teens believes not only are they smarter than their parents in general, but smarter than they were when they were teens.  Rapidly changing technology only adds to their attitude of superiority as they go off to college, despite the fact they are still teens and haven‘t been on this earth as long as say, 30 year olds. 1,047 more words


Repost-Via Youtube: Eric Hoffer-'The Passionate State Of Mind'


STILL continuing on a theme on this blog.

Hoffer was a man deeply suspicious of top-down organization and intellectuals running things, yet he is a man deeply curious and taken with ideas:  He strikes this blog as something of an anti-intellectual’s intellectual.   347 more words

Public Debate

Book Review:"The Girls" by Emma Cline

I’ve always been fascinated by stories about intense, usually unhealthy friendships.  I’m not really sure why; my best guess is that I went through a period in late elementary/early middle school where I had a total friend-crush on a girl who proceeded to ditch me as soon as she found some newer, cooler friends and I like reliving that memory because I’m a masochist.   728 more words

Before Satellites

I was born before satellites existed.  Yes before cell phones but also before computers (the Turing Machine excepted).  I remember horse drawn wagons traveling down city streets.  1,202 more words


Radical Activism Often Cools Into Bureaucratic Authoritarianism-Also, A Case From The De Blasio Files

From FIRE: ‘One Man’s Fight Against Bureaucratic Tyranny Moves On Campus

Today’s activist vanguardian is very often tomorrow’s calcified, authoritarian bureaucrat (if they play the game right and come in from the cold). 457 more words

Public Debate