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Happy Birthday

Feb 23, 2018. I turned 37. It is definitely a memorable birthday.

Few years ago Eduardo and I were talking about Lavamatica Campestre, and how much I loved doing the laundry there, I joked about having my birthday party with a beer while washing my clothes and everyone would be invited. 372 more words

Up above the world so high.

I’ve always been fascinated by astronomy and all things outer space. I don’t understand why we haven’t been back to the moon since 1969 when the technology now is so much more advanced than it was in the first Nixon administration. 134 more words


The Greatest Superman Products Ever

With Brian Michael Bendis about to take over/revamp/relaunch/do something or other with Superman, I can’t help wondering if we’ll see a new outpouring of merchandise to tie in with it. 49 more words


Hard headed woman (Yusuf / Cat Stevens)

I’m looking for a hard headed woman
one who will take me for myself
and if I find my hard headed woman
I won’t need nobody else… 117 more words


Wonder? Yes. Woman? Definitely.

Ah, casual sexism in the 1960s, fromĀ Justice League of America #66.

Where else would you see one of the most powerful and iconic female heroes reduced to a home organising shrew complete with apron and feather duster? 10 more words

The Addams Family

An early 1960s sitcom about a family that was probably monsters. There weren’t really jokes in it, just the premise that these monster people like what regular people… 57 more words


"The Times They Are A Changin": Teaching Bob Dylan, the Nobel Laureate Winner

PALS Note: We are pleased to welcome back Darcy Mullen for her second guest post. Please check out her first post here. This time Mullen is writing about teaching Bob Dylan after his win of the Nobel Prize in Literature. 1,769 more words

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