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Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys

Monday May 16th,2016-the album Pet Sounds is 50 years old. It is one of my absolute favorite albums EVER!

The story of Pet Sounds is the story of art versus commerce, youthful optimism versus adult cynicism and the independent spirit versus the mundane status quo. 1,393 more words


White Rabbit on a Rainy Day

Monday’s Music.

What I’m listening to today – Jefferson Airplane :


A love letter to "Pet Sounds"*

When listening to Pet Sounds, it’s hard to think about anything but the total gorgeousness of the music, and all the insanely deep emotions it provokes in me. 344 more words

Love Letters

The Beatles

They may not be everyone’s favorite band, but they sure did influence rock culture in the 60’s, becoming one of the most popular rock-pop bands in the United Kingdom and eventually the United States.   174 more words

Bands And Icons

Eric Burdon and The Animals

It will sound strange, but I’ve never been as close to the two-legged as I’ve been to the four.  Maybe that’s because they can’t sass or hurt like humans can.  209 more words


The Death of Lou Grant

A man is dying in his backyard of a heart attack. He begins to recall his life. Except that it is not his life. It is the life of a fictional character from a popular television situation comedy. 627 more words


What do I get from Charity Shops?

For those who was a frequent shopper of those op-shops ( short for Opportunity shop used in Australia), thrift shop, resale shop or whatever you call it :), you might have to agree with me they are like a Pandora box because you will never know you can find heaps of stuffs from a small, humble place :)  and you feel good as you have give back some benefits to our community as well :) 242 more words

Classic Look