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Everyone Likes Hot Dogs

My stepdad John was a Hungarian trucker. His CB handle was “The Happy Hunky” and he was a pretty amazing guy. He loved my mom. She did not have to work so he encouraged her to make friends and be artsy. 1,129 more words


TV POWW!: The Earliest Televised Video Game Competition From The 70s

Almost 40 years ago, at the very height of Discomania with a capital “D”, and only just a few months before Space Invaders would usher in  a national obsession with electronic games,  a forgotten yet  almost imperceptible ancestral link to competitive gaming occurred in Los Angeles, California. 1,409 more words

#495 - Bonnie Raitt, "Give It Up"

Here we go again.

Much like Boz Scags’ self-titled album, Give it Up is not Bonnie Raits’ most popular album, nor is it her most commercially or critically successful album (not to say that it was not successful or popular–it certainly was). 1,052 more words


The Decade That Spawned Me ~ Technology

I feel fortunate to have been born in the 70s because it was a decade of relative simplicity and family. Then along came the 80s with it’s affordable electronics and the cracks started to appear in family life and, well, it’s all gone a bit shit. 748 more words


Exodus, Bob Marley, & Reggae

On June 3, 1977, Island Records released Bob Marley & the Wailers ninth studio LP “Exodus” and being both a music lover and the nostalgic sort, I’ve been revisiting this great album via my… 578 more words

Raps, Rhythms, & Rhymes

Reasons not to vote Labour #4 - Haven't we been here before?

Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters love to think that he’s out to bring real change for Britain, for the betterment of the working class. These people are obviously unfamiliar with British political history, as Jeremy Corbyn’s hard-left socialism, or at least aspects of it, have been tried before. 922 more words


The Leisure Suit

Contradiction in terms. Leisure means naptime and I sleep naked. Suits don’t enter into it. 0.5/5