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Batman Vs Superman

Here’s a couple of ads that ran in Justice League of America #124 from November, 1975:​

Arguably the two premier DC heroes, showing off to the readers where they can be found. 66 more words


The Time Atari Funded a Porno and Other Things You Probably Didn't Know

Few things shock me and even fewer things surprise me these days. Not that I’m all that perturbed by anything I see, anyway;  but since  we seem to be living in an age of outrage, where anything and everything pisses someone off, somewhere, what usually shocks me is how people respond to my sense of candor. 528 more words

Massacre at Central High (1976)

directed by renee daalder
evan company

Remember how you lived in fear of those kids at your high school who went, uh, hang gliding? You know – the ones who pushed everyone around and trashed the library. 279 more words

Winter 2017-18

Who Were The Mightiest DC Heroes In 1977?

This is a genuine ad from 1977 where DC were touting stories “featuring the mightiest heroes of our time!

I’ve blurred the list of names and the cover of the comic. 86 more words


All The Time In The World

So, it’s 1975 once more and the Justice League is fighting the Injustice League of Earth Two. Or the Injustice Gang. Or the Injustice Society. Or some bunch of villains that’s teamed up together and called their group the Injustice Something Or Other. 185 more words

Memory Lane

I’m sitting here listening to “The Partridge Family Greatest Hits”.  A real blast from the past.  I got so silly with nostalgia, I went and ordered the complete series on DVD.  161 more words

The Authentic Superman

Remember all that fuss when DC did the New 52 and launched Superman without his red underpants over his tights? The internet went nuts (admittedly, the internet goes nuts over just about anything) with people bemoaning the change in a classic costume and probably claiming DC were destroying their childhood memories. 136 more words