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Watch As 'True Detective' Is Turned Into A Gritty '70s Cop Show

The dark and menacing intro to True Detective season two certainly sets the tone for the popular drama. What if someone took the aerial shots of highways… 118 more words



he’s a figure from
the 70s
flew in in bells and platforms
from planet Monty Python
so much glitter
around his eyes you’d
swear they were the… 29 more words


The "Sassy" '70s in Photos, From Suburbia to the NYC Stage

Meryl Meisler’s last photography project looked at wild times in disco-era Bushwick and beyond. Now, she returns to the ’70s in a more personal book and exhibition 265 more words


My grandmother’s pen

Pictured below is an assortment of pens I’ve had ever since I packed up the old Ford Escort and moved away from Drexel avenue way back in the winter of 86. 593 more words


I Missed Him Again?!?!: Annie Hall and Why Jeff Goldblum is my Polkaroo

According to IMDB and the closing credits of Annie Hall, Jeff Goldblum appears in the film’s LA party scene and I always forget to watch out for him. 266 more words


Flashback Friday-The Miniseries- The 60's (1999), The 70's (2000) & Into The West (2005)

Once upon a time, television was ruled by miniseries.

Over the past fifteen years, some very interesting miniseries have aired.

The first miniseries I’m going to talk about is… 444 more words

Flashback Friday

Aubrey Beardsley

Beardsley was very big in the 60s and 70s. There were posters all over walls in every student residence. There was something feminine and druggy about his work. 101 more words