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Themroc (1973)

Billed as a comedy and to be honest it is but you get incest and cannibalism to boot! Crazier than a bag of jellied eels… 442 more words

Cult Films

Phase IV (1974)

What better film to follow up Them but with another bunch of crazed, demented six legged psychopathic ant nut jobs than the 1974 film Phase IV… 609 more words

Cult Films

A Blast of Christmas Past: 5 Decades of Retro Photos, Toys and Fashion

I don’t know about you but old photographs of the Christmas of yore are  rather remarkable and fascinate me to no end. All those shiny aluminum trees dripping in tinsel, standing next to the most popular object in the room -the… 292 more words

Mary O. Ward

People ask me, “why are you like that?”  I have no explanation except, that’s how I am.  I grew up in Gary, Indiana during the 70’s and 80’s.   148 more words

Some Snippets of the Past

As challenging as it was to be a Gen-X kid, there are so many things I look back on fondly. Times were a lot simpler back in the days of 8-track disco and Journey on cassette. 172 more words

Generation X

A 70's girl..(The decade, not the age!!)

Whilst doing a spot of early Christmas shopping this afternoon, I was thrilled to come across gorgeous little bottles of ‘4711 Eau de Cologne’… Tiny, perfectly designed little bottles with the beautiful gold and blue (teal??..more of an 80’s colour!!) label. 274 more words

Tareau's top 10 greasiest looking brothas of all time

King Petty Alert. Thats right, I am some ish on this one, so as a disclaimer, if

you‘re not ready please leave. We talkin on this one.  667 more words