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There is a theory that every person, of every generation, ends up thinking the music they listened to in high school and college is the best music ever recorded.  507 more words


Documentary about "The Eagles"...

I just finished watching a 3-hour long documentary about the music super group “The Eagles”.  You probably know a half-dozen of their songs, even if you don’t know the songs are theirs.  206 more words

disco veritas — Koin 2,389

Disco veritas is a common type of circular reasoning used by popular professors et al, whose tautonological tendencies generally go fun-noticed by the student body. There is much primary evidence in the glitterature suggesting that disco veritas is not as cool as contemporary PhDs had once thought, becoming only the latest victim of the scientific method’s groovy new mode of techno-gravitas. 61 more words


24 may 2015 NOT CHILDHOOD

A lot of things happen before the age of twenty, and they’re important, but they are not exactly our story because we’re kind of just there, with no control over whether we want it to happen to us or not. 422 more words

Fan Art Friday: Grease

Ok, so this past weekend I watched the movie Grease for the first time. Anyway, I loved it. The dancing, the stereotypes, it was much fun. 41 more words


My brother from another mother

So here’s something that shocked me. My brother loved me. He was happy to see me. He apologized for chickening out before. He hugged me. I cried like a baby. 716 more words


That '70s Room

Sometimes I have a hard time getting going. No, not that. Please: this is a family blog. I mean writing. Sometimes getting down to the writing is so difficult that I run out of things to do to avoid writing. 737 more words