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Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (1972)

directed by benjamin clark

For almost two-thirds of this (very) independent picture’s running time, I couldn’t stand the damn thing, mainly because the main character is completely insufferable, dampening whatever alleged “humor” I was supposed to be getting from the subpar scriptwriting. 273 more words

Winter 2017-18

Feel the Earth Move

Although I don’t know how it works,  I do believe in time travel.  I keep experiencing it.  I can remember a moment in 1971 that keeps repeating itself.   461 more words

February 2018: Fantasticast episode 270- Or, I did that one too.

I love The Fantasticast | Episode 270: Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 – Death Watch!, let’s play it!

This episode is about a comic looked at on this very blog. 45 more words

The 70s

The Horrible House on the Hill aka Devil Times Five aka Peopletoys (1974)

directed by sean macgregor
barrister productions incorporated

When setting out to watch this ’70s obscurity, I had no idea the sort of sleazefest I’d be enjoying. 290 more words

Winter 2017-18

Throwback Thursday - Dancing in the 70s

Wow – this #ThrowbackThursday picture  goes W-A-Y back! This is my big brother and I dancing at our grandparents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary. We were in Iowa for the big party, and I’m guessing I’m around 14 years old. 59 more words

Island of Death (1976)

directed by nick mastorakis
island films/omega pictures

One of the more perverse films you’re ever likely to see outside of niche porn, this notorious Greek exploitation picture revels in sadistic glee – often focusing directly upon said glee on the protagonists’ faces. 270 more words

Winter 2017-18

Welcome to Arrow Beach (1974)

directed by laurence harvey
brut productions

With all the makings of a cult classic, it’s a shame that this plodding soap opera can’t deliver the horror equivalent of, say, … 271 more words

Winter 2017-18