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Elton John

One of my all time favorite musicians. Hard to choose a favorite since he has an array of great  songs that span more than 3 decades.


Dear Leon & Karen,


As all “good” music obsessives know, there are many, many factors that cause a song to really resonate with a listener. If we can momentarily suspend the fact that any given song will or will not appeal to any given listener based off of a myriad of human factors which are too amorphous and varied to even attempt to quantify such as; life experiences, quality of hearing, interest in particular topics or themes, recording quality preferences, size of ear holes, etc. 1,471 more words

Love Letters

Marlo Thomas Reflects On What's Changed For Women Since "Free To Be You And Me" - And What Hasn't

“In 1972, there was no woman in the Senate. Now we have 20 women in the Senate, and all of them are married, and they all have children.” View this image ” Marlo Thomas in the Free To Be You And Me TV special Courtesy of Marlo Thomas One of my earliest memories is being probably 3 or 4

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Elvis and Obi-Won

My grandfather had died, I always knew that. But it had happened before I was born, surely they had cured dead by now. No one that I actually knew had died, and I was already four years old. 202 more words


Cat Dance

Why go out dancing when you can stay home and watch this? Spanish Dance Troupe Ballet Zoom performs their version of ‘Cats’. Your dose of retro ridiculousness. 17 more words


Fantastic Planet [1973] ★★★½

 A psychedelic experience from start to finish, Rene Laloux’s richly rewarding “Fantastic Planet” (or “La planète Sauvage” in french) is unlike any animated movie you have ever seen. 101 more words


Stop Vice

Ever been told you don’t have enough vices?  It certainly would not be said by anyone who knows you.  Someone who knows you, will know your vices.   478 more words