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Symbolism of Mars

The core of Mars’ symbolism is energy. Energy is connected with heat. The psychological form of energy especially is passion and ambition.

We fulfill our ambitions in two ways: cooperatively or independently. 155 more words


9 Planets - 9 States of Personal Evolution

What are the Planets, and Why?

Planets are the active principles of astrology. Knowledge of what the planets represent is fundamental clearly understanding every other component of astrology – so learn carefully and well! 1,040 more words


Everything You'll Ever Need to Know About SATURN

If you were taking my course, 102 – the planets, this would be what you would be discussing with me in your eighth class, the class on Saturn: 827 more words


Names of the Planets

He began by telling the names of the 9 planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Of course these are translations… 252 more words


Party with the Planets: Jupiter

When we get up to leave Saturn there is no one around us. Venus is tending to  others and Mercury has disappeared mingling into the crowd. 591 more words


Mercury - The Bridge Between You and Everything Else

Mercury bridges the island of your consciousness to the mainland of “things” – allowing exchange and interaction between the two.

Mercury is all about the ability to… 788 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Opinions, Desires, Emotions - The Moon

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun, illuminating the dark night in a rhythmic cycle with enchanting, calming and endearing light.

This sutra encodes the four major qualities of the Moon: 1,958 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology